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This is the Walkthrough for the Great Clock: Sector Five in Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time.


Sigmund will control Alister Azimuth from attacking you. You need to get to the Orvus Chamber and reverse before Azimuth kills Ratchet. While on your way, avoid Azimuth's attacks. Make a platform to cross and defeat the enemies. Make a platform until you are cross. Watch the cutscene.

Follow Azimuth

so far, you need to follow Azimuth on the Grind Rail again. Remember the controls the last time you followed him on Torren IV. After that, take out your Hoverboots and crank the bolt crank to make a Boost Pad. Boost Jump and other Boost Pads will appear. But WATCH OUT! Azimuth will destroy boost pads and you have to move left/right. Then continue on the grind rail and jump on the Boost Pads. Azimuth will destroy more so remember to move left/right. You are now at the Orvus Chamber.

Ratchet vs. Alister

You will encounter three things: A Teleporter if you want to go to other sectors of the Great Clock, a GrummelNet weapons vendor and an another Teleporter that you may go back to Nefarious Space Station before you defeated Dr. Nefarious. The most important thing is the vendor so restock on EVERYTHING YOU HAVE. Get inside the Chamber and prepare for the final battle…

Defeating Alister

Your recommended weapons: Negotiator|Judicator, Constructo Bomb, RYNO V, Constructo Pistol and Mr. Zurkon.

It's time for the final battle. Shoot with your Negotiator or the Judicator. If your ammo is low, get more ammo by breaking ammo crates and continue shooting him or try to shoot him with your RYNO V. If your rockets are low, get more from ammo crates and continue shooting him or try your Constructo Bomb along with Mr. Zurkon. If your bombs are too low, break more ammo at the ammo crates or try shooting with your Constructo Pistol along with Mr. Zurkon. If your ammo is too low, break more ammo on the ammo crates or shoot with your Negotiator or the Judicator again. If Azimuth runs with his Hoverboots, you can follow him using the Hoverboots too but watch out for the bombs that he throwed to avoid damage. On the half of his health, he will also create holes in the battle. Do the attack pattern to defeat him and finish the battle. Enjoy the ending cutscene.

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