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This is the walkthrough for the Great Clock: Sector One in Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time'.'

After watching that revealing cutscene, run across the glass platforms. They'll crack and you will fall onto the floor, so continue running and reach the glass platforms. Avoid the cracking ones, and then get the crates on the other side. Head over to the holographic display in front of you and walk through the crevice. Jump down and listen to Sigmund, the robot. Move your right stick to look at the "eyes", one on each side of you. Then press L1 and look at the eyes above you and below you. Jump down and head forward.

Cracks in Time

Hop off the platforms and turn right when you see the planet in front of you. Hop again across the platforms and enter through the door. Time will crack, so quickly run onto the platforms and double jump up them. You will see a giant stackful of crates, so punch through them and advance. Go through and again, double jump across the gap left by the broken panels. Try pressing X each time Clank's antenna goes red, to maximise gliding distance. Triple jump this time across the vast gap and double jump up. Turn right and double jump again, remembering to get all the crates. Repeat, then triple jump again across the gap. Get the crates and go through the door. Now, punch those small enemies, turn right and jump up. Double jump again, and go through the door and hide behind that panel, protecting yourself from those shooters. Now wait for the spinning ring to slow down in a crack in time and again, head through the door as fast as you can, stopping on the panel and jumping again. Punch up the enemies, and turn onto the long bridge. Double jump across the gap left by the glass platforms getting destroyed, then crack the Nanotech crate to heal if necessary and go through the door. Kill the enemies, then wait for the next crack in time. Rapidly hop onto those platforms, before they go back to their place. Now wait for the panels to come back then jump onto them, getting from one side to the other. Crack those crates, and go through into that room getting as many crates as possible. Go up the steps, turn right and watch the cutscene.


Skill points

  • Outta Time - Complete this level in under 300 seconds. Try to forget about the crates, after all they are not that much help afterwards. Just try to get from one side to the other in minimal time, ignoring enemies and crates.

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