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Clank in Great Clock: Sector Two

This is the walkthrough for Sector Two of the Great Clock in Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time.

After meeting Sigmund, he wants you to go to Orvus - who is the leader of the Zoni. Go forward and follow him and break the crates. Jump onto meteor pad and it will take you to a floating platform. A Hypersonic brainwave scrambler will attack Sigmund, but it will fly off. Triple jump onto the platform ahead of you. Go to the left and get the crates. Then turn back and go to the right of the building sticking out and you will find a gold bolt hidden behind the bushes. Go back to the platforms and double jump in between them. Go up into the room while getting the crates.

Multiple selves

Clank is introduced to the temporal recordings feature. Look at the way Sigmund demo's and copy him. After the recording, play and go into the door. Go through and you will enter a large corridor with a lot of bolts. Go up to the recordings again and record twice, first going onto the red button and secondly into the door and onto that red button. Re-record it via the blue pad, as Sigmund says, and go through the door.

Clank's subsconscience

Mnemonic Station Beta

Meteor Pad your way to the Mnenomic Station, and get the stack of crates there. Hop into the Mnemonic Chamber and enter Clank's subconscious.

Clank's subconscious

After the cutscene with the programmed Orvus, you will be on a floating platform. Double jump on each of the appearing platforms and hop back onto the wavy one in front of you. Listen to Orvus and throw a time bomb in between you and Orvus. Glide through the bomb and land on the spinning ring. Jump onto the wavy platform and repeat. Reach the platform with the several objects. Hit them with your Chronoscepter and they will be fixed. Make your way through the round platforms and after a humorous conversation you will need to fight a couple of Qwarks. Repeat each time, and experiment with your time bombs if you want to. After this, you will be transported back to the Station.

The Great Clock

Quantum energy

After Orvus declares the passover for ownership, you can take the Chronoscepter you found in the chamber. Sigmund will take you to a room which will guide you on how to work with the Great Clock. It's all yours now! Go through the door and fight off the Terratropes. Follow Sigmund while breaking the crates nearby. You will be instructed for some Temperal recordings. Record yourself on the blue pad; time bomb your way through the spinning rings and stop recording as soon as you open the exit door via the red button. This way they will not eat your past self. Re-record and completely follow your past self. Kill the 'tropes immediately and step through - claiming the bolt reward. Go through the spinning rings while time bombing accurately. You will be set up with a mesmorising group of temperal recordings. Do not worry, this is actually easy. Just record yourself going to the button and then jumping off a second afterwards. Record and play and you will be up the lift in a jiffy. Swing the terratropes before they get to you. Get the crates and enter the substation.

Paradox Substation 3

Record yourself going to the red button but wait before you step on it. A good 3 seconds would do; this will allow Clank to reach the platform in time. Step on it for a couple of seconds and stop the recording. Play it and reach the lift. When the recording finishes, jump onto the floating platform. Throw a time bomb ahead. Get to the red button in front of you quickly then stop the playing recording. Now re-record the time cell, again allowing Clank to reach the lift. Step off the red button and make your way (time-bombing) to the exit door.

Hypersonic Brainwave scrambler

Here's your first boss, the aforementioned scrambler robot. This may seem hard but he has only 5 hits of health. Firstly, avoid his attacks and near him. Quickly throw a time bomb, trap him, and swing him out it. Do this several times and he should be finished. Be careful though, he has a forcefield at times when he's at low health. Just follow him but avoid touching him. He will then release a bombardment of tropes. Avoid the green blight and defeat them. When he's back to normal, just lather rinse and repeat! He will explode and you will complete the mission.


Gold bolts

  • Before entering Paradox Substation 1, there is a series of platforms to climb. Underneath the staircase of platforms is a gold bolt, hidden behind the bushes to the right of the building.
  • Go back to the Mnemonic Station Beta for a second visit, solve the puzzle and a gold bolt will be your reward.

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