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This is the walkthrough for planet Grelbin in Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando.

New Age Mystic

After you land on the planet, go forward until you see the New Age Mystic next to a giant rock. After a cutscene, Ratchet will then need 9 Moonstones to move the rock.

Getting the Moonstones

This planet is full of Y.E.T.I.s. Good weapons against them are the Bouncer, the Meteor Gun(upgraded form of the Lava Gun), and the Hoverbomb Gun. The Heavy Lancer upgraded with the Shock mod is also good against them. It is interesting to have the Synthenoids and the Shield Charger as well. Ratchet has to break the moonstones crystals to acquire them, so when there are some Y.E.T.I.s around, destroy at least some of them first before getting the moonstone. In some parts Ratchet will have to face Arctic Leviathans to get more mo
Grelbin Ice Field

Ratchet on the Tundor Wastes

onstones. Again try to destroy the Y.E.T.I.s first and then attack the Arctic Leviathan, dodging its attacks. When you collect 9 moonstones, return to the New Age Mystic. He will then move the rock and say that he also found a piece of a Hypnomatic and that Ratchet could have it, in exhange for more 16 moonstones. You will need this gadget further in the game, so you can either choose to get it now or later. When you collect 16 moonstones, he will give you the hypnomatic part. You can also collect more moonstones along the planet and trade them for bolts. There are 101 moonstones to collect in this planet.

Mine Shaft

After finding the 9 moonstones, you can now go to the mine shaft. You will have to use the Glider here. Dodge the obstacles and watch out for the big ice blocks that fall until you reach the end. There will be a MegaCorp vendor near you, so you can buy ammunitions for all your weapons. Then, use the Infiltrator to open the gate. There will be some Receiver Bot v3.0s in this room. Try to use the Plasma Coil, the Minirocket Tube, or the Heavy Lancer to destroy them. Be careful, as their arm blasters can deal a fair amount of damage and are quite accurate. Move forward until you reach the next room, which will have more Receiver Bots. You can either destroy them or not, because you have only to press a button to open one more gate in this room. In the next and final room more Receiver Bots will appear. Destroy them and go to the elevator to return to the surface. There will be an Armor Vendor and one more Infiltrator puzzle. Completing it you can get access to the rest of the Tundor Wastes. From here you can either collect the remaining 16 moonstones to get the hypnomatic part or go to other planets to find the other 2 parts, which are located on planet Smolg and Damosel. When you have all the parts you will have to find someone who can build it for you. You can only complete this planet when you have all the parts.

Finding Angela

After collecting 16 moonstones and finding all the parts of the hypnomatic you can go in the factory. When you are next to your ship, turn right to go into an elevator and enter the factory. You will have to use the hypnomatic here. Use it in the first robot. Controlling the robot, jump with PlayStationCross and then use the robot's hypnomatic in the other robot pressing PlayStationSquare. You can strafe with L2 or R2, which is useful to dodge the other robots attacks. The robot you are controlling has a blaster attack that can be activated pressing PlayStationCircle. Dodge the attacks of the other robots and keep holding PlayStationCircle to destroy them. Jump, destroy the other robot and press the button. You will have to be quick, as there is a time to control the robot. Activating the button, some platforms will come down, which you can use them to reach the other area. Jump to reach the new area and use the hypnomatic in another robot. Jump and press the button on the platform to bring it down. Destroy the 2 other robots and use the hypnomatic in the robot that is in the other side of the barrier. Go forward and keep holding PlayStationCircle to destroy the enemies, use the hypnomatic again in the other robot, destroy the other enemies and press the button. Try to dodge as many of the robot's attacks you can, because if the robot you are controlling gets hit, your timer will significantly go down. The button makes water appear in the area Ratchet is. Go in the water and dive to go through the path the robot you were controlling took. Use the Clank's Hydro-Pack to go quickly and be careful with the red lasers. When you reach the end of the patch, go back to the surface and get into the elevator. Then you will find Angela's home and a lot of protopets. Destroy them and go to Angela's home door. There will be a cutscene, and you will acquire coordinates for planet Yeedil, the planet where protopets come from. Go back to your ship to go to the planet.

Hidden Items

Platinum Bolts

  • The first one you can get in the second room of the mine shaft. Use the hypnomatic in the robot that is in the other side of the metal wall and go to the small cavern. There will be Y.E.T.I.s there, so be careful. Use the robot's attack and press the button quickly to open the door for Ratchet. Climb up the ladder and turn right to find the platinum bolt.
  • The second one is in the factory, after the swimming part with the red lasers. When you reach the end of the path, instead of going to the surface go down and you will find a tunnel that will leads you to the platinum bolt.
  • The third and final one is in the Tundor Wastes. You will have to explore it to find the platinum bolt. You can find a Mapper or/and use the Hovership, which is in Angela's home, to help you.

Hypnomatic Part

You will need 16 moonstones and trade it to New Age Mystic. (3/3)

Skill Points

  • Be a Moon Child: Collect all 101 moonstones in this planet to earn the skill point.

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