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This is the walkthrough for the GrummelNet Plasma Harvester.


Gold bolts

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There are five gold bolts at the GrummelNet Plasma Harvester.

The first gold bolt is on a platform to the west of the map.

The second gold bolt can be obtained in the middle of the map, where there is a horrizontal crossover on the map and there are two boost ramps leading to a section of elevated platform with a load of crates on it. Facing West, instead of going down the other boost ramp turn left and the bolt will be in an alcove.

The third gold bolt is on the right path from the QForce base and can easily be seen from this path. To obtain it go to the QForce weapon pod above it and there will be a gap in the crates (filled with breakable crates) that you can glide down from to collect the bolt.

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