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Grungarian Tanks were heavily armed machines that were difficult to destroy. Once one entered the base, it could destroy the base. They were controlled by Grungarian Demolitionists.

Appearance and Abilities

Screenshot multiplayer 2 by darkflich

A holographic Grungarian Mech

Grungarian Tanks are unique among enemies, since they have two forms.The first form is little more than a treadmill vehicle They're incredibly slow, but their heavy armor counteracts most weapons fire. Despite their hulking appearance in this form, the tanks will actuality ignore the Q-Force. However, attempting to stand in front of one is highly stupid, as one will be flattened, causing a fair amount of damage. Also, the tank will empty out Grungarian Brawlers to rid of its quarry, four Brawlers at a time. Upon reaching the base, the Tank will transform into its second form,a giant mech now standing on two legs and two gatling guns attached to robotic arms. The mech will ignore the Q-Force, and focus on a generator, destroying it easily in several seconds thanks to its massive guns.
Screenshot trailer ffa 6 by darkflich

Ratchet fighting a Grungarian Mech


Gungarian Tanks have no known weaknesses (except dancing, as stated by a hint), as there is no weak spot in the Tank, and even fully upgraded guns still take a long time to finish it off. The best tactic is to use the Groovitron to make the already slow tank to stop in its tracks, giving you a chance to damage it or take care of enemies elsewhere while it's dancing, and also to use the Cryoshot to further slow it down. Best offense weapon against Grungarian Tanks is Pyro Blaster, and the best base defences were Warmonger Turrets and Groove Mines. Barriers had no effect on it.


Grungarian Tanks can be purchased in multiplayer for use in assault mode, costing up to 5,000 bolts per tank. The strategy for dealing with them is the same as before. It could be replaced with an Elite Grungarian Tank if a player obtained 7,500 bolts during a match.

Creaturebox 3d tank

3d model of Grungarian Tank by CreatureBox and Insomniac Games

Official Descriptions



Ffa enemy mech

A Grungarian Mech in the promotional image

  • The guns on the tank are smaller in the promo image then they are in the screenshot.
  • Despite being the most powerful enemy in the game, the Grungarian Tanks posse little danger to Q-Force members, though a lot for the Q-Force Base.
  • It probably ran on Gelatonium, as a green tank was seen at the back of the vehicle.


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