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"Launch an improved Omni-grenade that deploys Magnebouncers that release part of their payload on each bounce."
―Weapon Description[src]
Render Heavy Bouncer
Heavy Bouncer
All Information


First Available



Up Your Arsenal: 2,000



Ammo Cost

Going Commando

Ammo Held

Going Commando: 25
Up Your Arsenal: 12


Mega Heavy Bouncer

The Heavy Bouncer launched an even bigger bomb than its predecessor, which exploded into bombs about the same size as the normal Bouncer shots that could whiteout the screen. It was possible to use the Heavy Bouncer to kill Chainblade (although not in Challenge Mode) with one bomb if all the bomblets were accurate enough. This also worked on the B2 Brawler. The original Bouncer returned to Up Your Arsenal, which means that the Heavy Bouncer also returns with no differences from the previous game. This weapon had a good power level of 2000, but it came at a price. It had a small ammo capacity of 12 units.


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  • In both Going Commando and Up Your Arsenal, when you upgrade the Bouncer to the Heavy Bouncer, the bombs are bigger than the barrel of the gun, but there are differences:
    • In Going Commando, the bomb comes out the end without looking like it was ever in the gun.
    • In Up Your Arsenal, the bomb came from the gun, but was big enough to cover the gun's barrel for a brief moment.


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