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The Heavy Lancer was a blaster manufactured by MegaCorp and an upgrade for the Lancer. The weapon abandoned the pistol-style design of its predecessor in favor of a design similar to a light machine gun. The weapon fired weaker energy bolts than the Lancer, and the bolts weren't explosive, but they were fired at a very high rate, with its barrel moving backwards at a rapid rate as well.

It was a very useful weapon, as the ammo was cheap and it packed a punch; though, when Ratchet got to Planet Joba it fell into obscurity as weapons such as the Bouncer and Minirocket Tube became more useful. However, the Heavy Lancer's power was approximately tripled when reinforced with the shock mod. It had good range, but the distance made it quite weak when Ratchet was far away from his target. Spinning around with it was effective, as the shots would hit anything and everything; this was very useful in the arenas. Sometimes, the enemy would be lifted up into the air by the shots, this was useful as it left the enemy completely unable to attack.

When the player progressed on to Challenge Mode MegaCorp sold the Mega Heavy Lancer upgrade, and the Heavy Lancer became more useful when it upgraded into the Ultra Heavy Lancer. The Ultra Heavy Lancer had more mods to be purchased which allowed the player to deal more damage to Class II Thugs-4-Less Brutes than with the shock mod.

Behind the scenes

  • If you do not upgrade the Lancer to the Heavy Lancer by the time you've beaten the bosses on Siberus and Snivelak, Ratchet is still seen using Heavy Lancer in the cutscenes. While this is certainly a plot hole, it also indicates that the Lancer should be upgraded to the Heavy Lancer by the time you reach Siberius or Snivelak.
Ratchet Beta-Lancer

Ratchet using the Heavy Lancer on Endako

  • The Heavy Lancer's fire used to appear blue in the beta version of the game. It was changed for unknown reasons.
  • In Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando, Ratchet uses the Heavy Lancer in several cut scenes.


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