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This is the walkthrough for Hidden City of Balkai, also known as Ebaro, Round one in skill points.


Gold bolts

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There are five gold bolts in the Hidden City of Balkai.

The first gold bolt is in the center of the map, near a QForce weapon pod before the main platform leading to the Planetary Defense Center. A Grungarian Bomber is standing on raised section, after defeating it jump onto the platform and destroy the wall of crates surround the gold bolt. You can access this location from the other sides, which allows you to surprise the Grungarian.

The second gold bolt is on a platform located on the route to one of the major weapon nodes (the one you need the swingshot for). Go up to the platform you hoverboot off to reach the building with the fire traps, then turn right and go along the platform. At the far end of the platform is a gap in the barrier facing towards the ramp to the Plantetary Defence Center. You should be able to see the gold bolt on a platform. Simply glide down and collect the bolt.

The third gold bolt is right near the QForce base. Simply take the right path from the start and stay right until you find the first hoverboot platform. It will be in the middle of the platform before the final boost pads (facing bcack towards the QForce base).

The fourth gold bolt is also near the QForce base. This time take the left path and stay to the left until you reach a hoverboot ramp. Follow the ramp and before the boos section taking you back to the base collect the gold bolt.

The fifth gold bolt is located near the other major weapon pod. Go along the giant grind rail until you reach the end of the grind rail, then jump over to the platforms next to the grind rail in the building it passes through. It is on one of these long narrow platforms. This gold bolt is completely invisible if the game has been updated to 1.01, but is visible in 1.00. You know when you have it when your gold bolt count (seen in the pause menu) goes up if it is invisible.

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