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Customized Aphelion
In the Korthos Sector, two different Vullards, on Korthos depot and Korthos Alpha had a total of three missions involving Holo-boards.

Korthos Alpha

When Ratchet lands on Korths alpha, talk to a nearby vullard and he will tell you to destroy two of his competitors Holo-boards for 6000 bolts. When you exit the moon and look on the mini-map for two flashing dots. Head towards them and destroy both, the vullard will congratulate you and give you the bolts.

After completing the mission on Korthos depot, he will ask you put up three of his holo boards around the sector, once again for 6000 bolts. They will be floating around the moon and using the tether for 9 Zoni, pick up and drop them in the required spots shown on the mini-map, the vullard will thank you and give you the bolts.
Moon Landing

Korthos Depot

After Completing the first mission on Korthos alpha, head to the depot and talk to the vullard, he will say that his competitor (Ratchet) has destroyed his holo-boards and for 6000 bolts he asks you to bring back three hidden boards. Exit the depot and look on the map for the three boards, pick them up with tether and bring it back to the depot, do this three times for a thanks and the bolts.

Skill Points

After completing these missions and hailing the two ships in the sector you get the Samaritan skill point.

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