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Holoshield glove
Holoshield Glove
Ratchet & Clank 3: Up Your Arsenal



Ultrashield Glove

Upgrade Price


The Ratchet & Clank Wiki has a guide for the Holoshield Glove. See Holoshield Glove/Guide.

The Holoshield Glove was a weapon made manufactered by Gadgetron that allowed Ratchet to deploy a small holoshield in front of him. The shield could deflect energy-based projectiles, yet due to its holographic nature, enemies could still pass through it. When upgraded, the Holoshield Glove turned into the Ultrashield Glove, and reflected enemy shots as well as drains health from nearby enemies and transferring it to the Lombax. If the player had trouble upgrading the glove, they should try the first auto turret on the last Tyhrranosis Ranger mission. For more effect, throwing one or two holoshields in front of the laser in the Annihilation Nation deathcourse made sure Ratchet was not risked being attacked as often while upgrading the weapon.

V1 Deploys shields which block enemy fire
V2 Nanotech is stolen from nearby enemies, giving it to you. Only works if you are not at max health
V3 Enemy fire is now absorbed. When it absorbs enough damage, it releases an energy burst which damages enemies. The shield's appearance is also changed to a swirling white circle
V4 Nanotech stealing ability increased
V5 For every hit the holoshield takes, it releases 3 shocks to enemies.


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