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This article explains how to use the Holoshield Glove.



If you want to get it to V8 you must be on Challenge Mode; for V5 it doesn't really matter. So when you get off your ship when you get to Daxx, go to the closest vendor which should be in front or behind you and purchase to Holoshield Glove for 30,000 bolts, if you haven't already. So what you do is do not take the Swingshot path put look around near the vendor and you will see two grassy ledges. Proceed to jump up these and at the top you will come to a small area with about 10 blood flies and one Killbot first class (these are the large flying robots that shoot orange beams at you). Proceed to kill these the blood flies (they can be killed with your wrench but something stronger and locks on to enemies is recommended). Double jump across the small gap and continue around the corner.

You will then come to another part where there are more blood flies more Killbots. Proceed to kill these and progress forward, where you will come to another ledge and should jump up. There will be a small bridge with some blood flies; kill all of these blood flies and then as you go further over the bridge there or so killbots will come over the mountain towards you. Kill all but one of them and them equip the Holoshield Glove ready to start blocking its attacks. As an alternative, the Tyrranoid Dropship that appears in holostar studios is a perfect place to upgrade the holoshield. When the ship pops up, just toss out a shield, stand behind the shield, and periodically throw a new shield.


I recommend the Shield Charger V3 to V8 (V5+ is Tesla Barrier) because you can never tell when the Holoshield will disappear. While still on the bridge, use the shield charger and then use the Holoshield Glove to place one Holoshield in front of you. When you do this the Killbot will begin to fire and you must stay under good cover underneath your Holoshield. Usually after about one or two rounds of ammo from the Killbot the shield will deactivate. Keep repeating this process, the bar for experience in the HUD will go up very fast when it gets to V5, kill yourself by jumping in the water and then (if you are on challenge mode) go back to the vendor and buy the mega upgrade.

Placing a couple in front of each other during the rounds with the floating turret in Annihilation Nation is also another way to upgrade the weapon easily. By having multiple shields lined up in a row you should be able to tell when they are about to run out before the turret hits you. In addition the glove earns a lot of XP through the damage it takes.


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