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Holoshield Launcher v2

The Holoshield Launcher was a weapon that launched a special Holoshield that protected Ratchet from all projectiles that came in contact with it. Unlike the Holoshield glove, regular enemies could not pass and were slightly damaged if they tried, while bosses could pass through the shields easily with damage by doing so. The shields would flash before they disappeared, allowing smart players to put up new shields before the old ones ran out energy. When upgraded to the Omni-shield Launcher, the Omni-shield retrieved health from enemies, which was later passed on to the Lombax.


Version Power Alpha Mod
1 10 Ammo mod
2 16 Speed Mod
3 20 Ammo Mod
4 24 Speed Mod
5 28 Ammo Mod
6 32 Speed Mod
7 36 Ammo Mod
8 40 Speed Mod
9 44 Ammo Mod
10 50 Speed Mod

In-game description

DreadZone's Holoshield Launcher is a technologically improved version of the top-selling Gadgetron item. This device allows you to shoot out a portable shield any time and anywhere. The quantum technology allows your shots to pass through while blocking all enemy fire.

Behind the scenes

Cut in-game description of the Holoshield Launcher

Nano Man says "when the going gets tough, the tough hide behind a shield." Launch a portable shield for you and your bots. Hide like Nano Man, or wait patiently while planning your next move. But be careful, those shields do not last forever.


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