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This is the walkthrough for Holostar Studios.

Holostar Studios is one of those levels you will love in this game. Once you enter here, you will engage a cutscene with Ratchet and Clank shooting an episode of Secret Agent Clank. Once you regain control, you will be Clank doing as the director tells you. First off, destroy the ninja bots, and break the switch. Hop across the floating vehicles to the platforms with slot machines. If you are lucky and patient, you can get a skill point in this area. Next you will come across a room with Skrunch and more ninjas'. Defeat the ninja's and go on the platform. Use the banana gun on the switch to raise you up. After your at the top, shoot a banana on the platform you came up on, and stand on the switch to let Skrunch come up. Next you will see a gap where you cannot cross, shoot a banana to let Skrunch hit the switch on the other side, a bridge will appear. You can destroy the lasers by punching the switch. Have your fighter robots follow you, then you will come across a little thing with a number on top of it. Press PlayStationTriangle and press 'Enter' command. Say bye to your friends and move along. Defeat more enemies, and platform some more, and go to the door.

Terror of Talos

You will be instructed to destroy the Terror of Talos. This fight in my opinion is fairly annoying. To fight, press PlayStationSquare to punch, use it 3 times for a combo, PlayStationCircle fires missiles, and PlayStationCross will make you jump, Triangle initiates a giant ball that does good damage but is slow. I suggest punching him and use missiles when he flies up. Once you whittle down his health, giant ninja's will appear. Kill them, I suggest punching some more and using that Triangle attack, in order to fight Talos again. Keep punching Talos till it dies. After this you will get a cutscene.


After the cutscene, you will be able to play as Ratchet again, but without Clank. You will be at Clank's Trailer, and as you gain control there will be enemies. Take them out; however, you please. Go through the door, and kill more enemies, but they take cover so be careful. After this section, go kill some more enemies, but they are a little bit tougher. Once they are all killed go to the Hacker station and complete the circuit. Go on the circle platform you just activated. BUT WAIT! Before entering that small room, look to your left! There should be an orange platform. Double jump with good timing to receive the Clank trophy! Now enter the small room. Venture to the left and climb up the seats to find a titanium bolt. There will be slot machines which gives you another chance to earn that skill point. Defeat the enemies and behind the counter is some Nanotech if you need it. You will come across another annoying Hacker puzzle to open the door. Now time for the Hypershot. Take out the enemies. Now go forward to meet more enemies, take them out with your Nitro Launcher and there will be a final brief section with more enemies. Take them out and head to your ship. Another cutscene will initiate.

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