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This is the walkthrough for Hoven.

Buying the Hydro-Pack

Start by killing everything around you. Go up the lift platform and traverse the path until you reach a pool. Simply gradually fill it by going from faucet to faucet with the Hydrodisplacer. This is easy, and does not need detail. Continue to the next area, and kill everything. Then enter Edwina's Roboshack, and buy the Hydropack.

Path to the Planetbuster

This path does tend to be simple. Always make sure that you have the drone device activated. Shoot anything and everything. When it comes to the three moving lift platforms, use the Heli-Pack. The Thrusterpack cannot give the lift for the jumps. When you reach the turret, enter it.

Destroying the Planetbuster

The game will now expect you to destroy the Planetbuster and lots of helicopters with an old turret. Start by shooting between the segments, so that both will be damaged simultaneously. After each segment is destroyed, you are rewarded by seeing the segment crumble. Destroy all segments, and you will get the Infobot to the Gemlik Base. Alternatively you can destroy the turrets as the parts underneath it are destroyed too.

Explore the icy areas

We are not finished here yet though. Kill all enemies, obviously. The first tripod section requires speed. In jet hover mode, the ice will not affect Ratchet, but the tripods will not be activated in this mode. Run between the first two and swingshot to the third. You will now reach a wall jump segment with a tripod. This is easier than it looks. You will reach a segment with lines crossing each other. Swingshot when they line up. The next segment involves lines going up and down. Swingshot as they start to go down. For the next part, hover on the ice, and only stop hovering when jumping or landing on a tripod sensor. After this, you will meet with the miner. In return for repairing his drill, he will give you raritanium.


Gold bolts

  • From your ship, go to the right. When you come upon a line of trees, do not follow the path, but continue to the right. There is a clearing with many Anklebiters and farther you will see a vertical platform moving up and down. You have to jump off the rock wall to the right onto the platform, back to the wall, to the platform, and so on. Basically, you just wall jump up to the gold bolt, but using a moving surface. The gold bolt is at the top.
  • You need the O2 Mask; take the path you need to take when you go to the lady who sells you the Hydropack. At one point you will have to fill up a large area with water. The water you use to do that can be taken at three different spots at three different levels. When you are at the second place where you take the water (inside a small cave), look up and you will see a ledge with the gold bolt on it. To get it, fill the entire area with water, as you are supposed to if you want haven't done this yet, and then go underwater. Go to the cave where you took the water for the second time and go up. You will be able to get out the water onto the ledge with the gold bolt on it.

Skill points

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