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This is the walkthrough for the Dread Challenge Hoverbike Madness in Ratchet: Deadlocked.


In this challenge, you have to race using the Hoverbike through 40 rings while avoiding or shooting the bombs and DZ Strikers. It is recommended that you just avoid the bombs and Strikers instead of wasting time shooting them. The rings should be fairly easy to follow, although there is one part near the Swingshot targets from On the Prowl where you have to turn left into a tunnel that can be a bit hard to find. The rings also give a little bit of time back on the timer, so do not be too worried about the time limit. Just continue onwards until to get to the platform at the end of All Aboard the Landstalker and complete the challenge. Completing this with over 30 seconds left on the timer earns the skill point Chase the Goose.

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