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The Hoverbomb Gun was a mine weapon developed by MegaCorp that was available from the MegaCorp Armory on Todano for 120,000 bolts. The weapons fired out a single, powerful 'Hoverbomb' which floated directly forward in a slow fashion. If the trigger was fired like a normal weapon, then the bomb would float in the direction the weapon was pointing, and detonate either upon impact with an enemy, or when the trigger was pressed again. However, if the trigger was held down, then the Hoverbomb would not detonate on impact. Instead, the wielder would be able to move the bomb up, down, left and right. This was useful for navigating obstacles such as boulders and fences. Once the trigger had been released, the bomb would detonate.

Upon upgrading, the Hoverbomb Gun upgraded into the Tetrabomb Gun, which fired five Hoverbombs at once to form a circular wall. The Tetrabomb Gun also retained the alternate fire that the original weapon had. The Mega Tetrabomb Gun cost 1,250,000 bolts.


  • When fully upgraded, the Ultra Tetrabomb Gun was the most powerful gun in the game, besting even the RYNO II (on an individual shot basis).
  • The Hoverbomb Gun could be considered MegaCorp's response to Gadgetron's Visibomb Gun, which was also available in the game. However, the Visibomb Gun, being an older Gadgetron weapon, was significantly weaker.
  • The Hoverbomb Gun was compatible with the Lock-on and Acid Mods.
  • The Hoverbomb Gun was also similar to GrummelNet's Tornado Launcher, in that it shot a remote control object without a camera the way the Visibomb Gun, the Spiderbot Glove, and the Visi-Copter had. However, because the Hoverbomb gun was invented before the nuance of SIXAXIS, it was not as advanced as the Tornado Launcher, and it did not allow for the control of the bombs and the control of Ratchet simultaneously
  • The Hoverbomb Gun's and the Tetrabomb Gun's icon is similar to an atom.


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