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This is the walkthrough for Hrugis Cloud.

Destroy the Turrets

The cutscene before the mission will tell you that the code Fizzwidget provided you did not work. The turrets that surround the rendezvous point have now started attacking you. I heavily suggest that you save 30 Raritanium and go to the Ship Shack and purchase the Fusion Laser Cannon upgrade. The upgrade replaces your existing laser with a much more powerful blue laser. As you start off the mission you will need to destroy the turrets surrounding the area. Remember to be careful not to get too close to the turret or else you will explode. Repeatedly fire your lasers and use the missiles when they lock on. A repair bot will come and try to fix the turret once it one of them goes down. Quickly destroy the others before the turret is repaired. If you listened to the advice, you can easily destroy each turret by holding X to fire lasers, and use a missile, each turret would be destroyed in a matter of seconds. Once you've destroyed all 6 turrets, you will watch another cutscene.


There are 3 additional challenges on this planet.

Destroy the Sabateur's

Simply destroy all of the sabateur's which are just enemy fighters but more powerful. They will not harm you; they will attack the round objects floating around. If they manage to destroy them all; you will lose the challenge. It is recommended to upgrade your ship for more power and maneuverability before taking this challenge because the ships are quite sturdy.

Berserk Repair Bots

Destroy all 30 repair bots before they destroy you. The Electro Mine upgrade may come in handy on this challenge.

Ace Bunyon Challenge

You will be prompted to beat Ace Bunyon in his little race while going through all 65 rings. A platinum bolt is rewarded for completing this challenge by going through all 65 rings.

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