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"I need a gun that launches highly explosive homing mines."--Vox telling his first weapon design team on what would later become the Hunter Mine Launcher.

The Hunter Mine Launcher (named Mine Gun and Tesla Mine Launcher pre-release) was a weapon that Vox personally wanted built. The first design team for the weapon thought the idea of highly explosive homing mines was nuts and thought Vox was insane. He probably was because he fed them all to a Leviathan. The second design quickly created one of Dreadzone's greatest weapons. The Hunter Mine Launcher deployed several mines that waited for enemies and then attacked. When it upgraded to the Stalker Mine Launcher, the mines had the ability to become invisible and when they exploded, two extra mines appeared. It can also be used as a grenade launcher and close range weapon, as the mines will explode on contact with an enemy, whether they have been fired or not. This was especially useful with the Mini-Bomb Mod.

When fully upgraded it becomes the stalker mine launcher. After DreadZone closed down, the weapon was most likely sold in asset auction, and was turned into the Mine Launcher.


Stalker Mine Launcher


A cut V3 form for the Stalker Mine Launcher

Behind the scenes

  • The Hunter Mine Launcher was originally going to have a V3 form, that the Stalker Mine Launcher would upgrade into.


  • One could destroy a mine simply by jumping on it (Single player only).
  • One could use the Hunter Mine Launcher as a semi "shield" which could be used to block enemy fire.
  • Before the game's release, instead of firing the current mine, it fired a black mine with blue spikes that looked similar to the ball of the Leviathan Flail.
  • If Ratchet runs into the enemies with this weapon without firing, the mine that the weapon holds will burst, like firing automatically, losing ammo as well.


Version Alpha Mod Power
V1 Area Mod 120
V2 Impact Mod 160
V3 Ammo Mod 200
V4 Speed Mod 240
V5 Area Mod 280
V6 Ammo Mod 320
V7 Impact Mod 360
V8 Speed Mod 400
V9 Ammo Mod 440
Stalker Mine Launcher NanoLeech Mod 500


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