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This is the walkthrough for Hydrano.

Hydrano is the planet where Clank went to find his ship and destroyed Klunk's doomsday satellite.

Qwark Tales: A Fictionfull of Dollars!

Try using your blaster instead of punches. If you use punches all the time, you might punch your enemy near the dam, make your mission harder and waste time when trying to go punch the enemy again.

Dams Edge vehicle challenges

Look for pipes that you can squeeze into; they are shortcuts. Do not waste your torpedoes on the car in front of you (it might be Head Goon) as you cannot destroy it. Quickly destroy the torpedo cars. Destroy two or three in same time, or when one comes from the left to go front of you and drops little oil slicks.

Underwater base

When you get 20 skill points, activate the Big Headed Enemies cheat. Look at Megalith's head; it should be bigger than your ps now. In many rooms, there is a pool at the middle and one or two guards must turn around it. Do not waste time with fighting. Use the Holo-Monocle and go ahead with your disguise. After the last laser trap you will see two doors; a Megalith and a Sludge Slinder are guarding the rooms. Kill them and then go the locked door. Disguise as the Spider Divers and go to the next room to battle with Klunk.

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