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Hydro Girl was a teenage girl from the planet Aquatos. She was kidnapped by Gleeman Vox and forced to fight for DreadZone while she was helping to construct a shelter for baby lunar seals injured in an interplanetary tanker accident.[1] The Starship Phoenix headed to Aquatos to investigate her disappearance. She eventually became one of the higher-ranking contestants in the Dreadpoint table.

Hydro Girl managed to escape the exploding DreadZone Station thanks to the efforts of Ratchet and Clank.

Behind the scenes

Concept art - Hydrogirl

Hydrogirl concept art

  • Nika Futterman provided the voice of Hydro Girl.
  • In the early audio files found on the Ratchet: Deadlocked disc, Hydro Girl was supposed to be rescued by Team Darkstar on planet Shaar, as part of a DreadZone mission setup by the Vox construction team.[2]


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