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Price Free
First Available Blarg Station (original)
Aridia (re-imagined)

The Hydrodisplacer was a gadget that could suck up large amount of water.

Original series

In the original, the Hydrodisplacer was a Gadgetron gadget that Ratchet could use to drain and fill pools with water, therefore "displacing" it. The volume of water that could be contained inside a Hydrodisplacer was far greater than the gadget's external volume may have indicated (in this case, 50,000 liters). Clank found the Hydrodisplacer at the Blarg Tactical Research Station while exploring the ships. It uses Quantum compression technology to manipulate the water particles and place them into a compression tank.

Re-imagined series

In the re-imagined game, Ratchet found the Hydrodisplacer in Skidd's Sports Shack on Ardia it was designed by Dr. Nefarious. In this iteration it proved powerful enough to suck up the water from the entirety of the Gadgetron Site's dam area.


Early Hydrodisplacer

Behind the Scenes

  • The Hydrodisplacer used to look much different than the final version. The early Hydrodisplacer is seen in the profile picture, while the one found in the actual game is seen in the smaller picture.



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