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QFB hyper strike

The hyper-strike move in the moves menu of Quest for Booty

The hyper-strike was a move that Ratchet could perform using his wrench. It involved jumping up in the air and slamming the wrench down onto the ground. The attack caused twice as much damage as a regular strike. When used with the Box Breaker and Box Basher 2000 and in Up Your Arsenal, the Bolt Grabber V2 upgrade, an "air blast" was emitted which broke all crates and most breakable props in the immediate area.

The attack, from Up Your Arsenal onwards, [verification needed] could be used in conjunction with a Long Jump from the Heli-Pack, which was particularly useful in Arena combat such as Annihilation Nation.


To perform a hyper-strike first jump or double jump and then press PlayStationSquare while in mid-air.


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