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There were three Hypnomatic Parts. When they were given to the Hypnotist in Allgon City, along with 10,000 bolts, he constructed the Hypnomatic for Ratchet.

The first part was found in the Distribution facility on Smolg. The second part was received in exchange for 16 Moonstones from the New Age Mystic in the Tundor Wastes on Grelbin. The final piece was found by riding to the end of the train rails in Allgon City on Damosel.


  • The first part was on Smolg. After the coordinates for Grelbin the part is on the end of the path.
  • The second part was on Grelbin and was obtained from the New Age Mystic in exchange for 16 moonstones.
  • The final part was on Damosel at the end of the Grindrail.


  • The Hypnomatics Parts were placeholders in the Gadgets menu where it listed how many parts the player had out the three. The placeholder was replaced by the Hypnomatic when it was assembled.
  • After getting the hypnomatic part on Damosel, Clank performs a dancemove similar to Daxter's.


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