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Ratchet with the Pyrocitor skating on Hoven

Ice was a type of material that Ratchet could walk on, or skate on. It was very tricky but with the Heli-Pack or Thruster-Pack and double jumps, it could be navigated quickly. This did not work on Oltanis because Clank had to stay in the ship, appearing to be a type of lightning rod. It appeared on Oltanis, Hoven, Siberius, Grelbin, Yeedil, and Thran Asteroid Belt.


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  • In Going Commando, ice could be melt with the Thermanator, allowing Ratchet to swim in the water. Also, any patch of water could be frozen with the Thermanator, making ice appear on various planets.
  • The only game where ice was actually a challenge was in Ratchet & Clank, when you had to open a door by activating many buttons in a certain amount of time.


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