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This is Igliak - Meridian City walkthrough in Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction.

Meridian City

This is how it should look like

After a cutscene regarding the situation of invasion in Meridian City, Aphelion will land in an open space. You will see a lot of destruction here. Top-up reload, and go across the bridge. There are a lot of Cragpoles here, so if you want to use a whip, or your wrench. Crack the boxes near you and head over to the wall. Some Crags' might drop down here so just destroy them with your wrench. As you as you did that, high-jump over the wall. There are a lot of larger Cragmites here so you need to use the Judicator to wipe them out. Do this swiftly, and take care of not overusing the ammo because they are hard to aim. There are more ahead. Wipe them out quickly, they use up time. Check the sides, there are Raritanium chests here. Once you've harvested your resources, go up the large tower and climb it via the grav-ramp.

Finding Qwark


You will be climbing this

Gold bolt

Clank will receive a signal from Qwark, once your at the top. Now luckily, there are bolts here and Nanotech crates and also a vendor. Top-up as much as you can. Now before you jump over the gap to the other building, just turn back to the grav ramp and look down. You will see a small dome which you can glide to. Over here is a gold bolt. Now repeat climbing the tower and long jump over the gap. There are crates here around the entrance.

Cragmites and Spiders

There are a lot of enemies in this room. Use a weaker weapon against the two Cragmites on the walkway, and Judicate the Spider Drophyd. There are a lot of crates in this area, and a quirky holo-plan if you rummage enough. Go over the walkway and stand on the button which will open the red-laser gate. Go down the ramp and throw a couple of bombs. If the Cragmites below weren't killed just go down there and let them feel your wrench. First thing you need to do is go to the stack of crates with the multiplier that is right of the vendor. Get the multiplier. Harvest as normal (while earning double via the multiplier) and top-up at the vendor.

Heavily Armed Cragmites


The Drohpyd Spiders

Now firstly throw a couple of explosives over the wall and it should eradicate a few Cragmites. Jump up there and Judicate as possible. Wipe out all crag filth and head back to the vendor for a top-up. Now go up again, get the crates and stop just before the bridge. Quickly get out a good weapon that can finish a Drophyd Spider. A good strategy here is to get a Mag-Net Launcher and trap the Drophyd. Use a weaker weapon to reduce the Drophyd. If the Mag-Net Launcher runs out, just net him again. Now on the bridge, to your right are several openings. Just go to the ones with crates and get the bolts. Go forward and you will see a Decrypter challenge. If needed, travel back to the vendor. Okay now this puzzle is pretty simple. Have a quick look at it, and the path is very straightforward.

Meridian City Spaceport


There are a lot of these here

The gate will open revealing a nice open space. If you look at the map, you are back to where you started, although was previously blocked by a closed gate. Firstly, judicate all Cragmites here and wrench the spawn. You will see two openings, one is straight ahead and shows your ship. The other one, on the left, is the place to go. Being at the spaceport, this is a nice service station for interplanetary needs. Top-up devices, ammo and armor here and also get your Nanotech back to max. Remember your Gryo-Cycle. Its back. Go to the Gryo point and continue.


Firstly, the Gryo-Cycle will be shot into the air will land on a stretch of concrete. You are in a construction zone, mind you, so you have to boost over the lighter concrete, as these will crumble as your on it. Boost over there and turn right into the tunnel. Now this will automatically boost for you. This is like the Rykan V segment, just try to get all the bolts and roll over the cragpoles. The gas obstacles are in the middle so just stay around the sides. Once the tunnel segment has finished you will land in a small rectangular area. Simply roll around getting loose Raritanium and go to the distinctive area to the bottom left. You will see a tripad area so just roll over the red circles, which will enable the opening of the laser wall. Go onto the Gyro point and it will boost you upwards. Now boost along this bridge. It will crumble so do it fast and carefully. There is another bridge to your right so do the same sequence, except adjust to its direction. The Gryo Cycle sequence is done as you go onto the point.


Time for the Robo-Wings segment. Firstly harvest from the bundle of bolts to your right. Go forward and get the crates on your left. No step onto the Robo-Wings pad to enable the wings. Press PlayStationTriangle to launch your wings up and go straight forward. Turn right and go through the circular opening. You will see an intersection of cars crossing, just duck underneath them. Watch for the dropping panels to your right and left and avoid if necessary. Turn right through another circular opening and dodge the dropping panels. You will fly out the tunnel and into open space. This is like a giant freeway here, so be careful and duck underneath the flying vehicles. Go back into the tunnel and through the circular opening. Avoid the dropping panels and electrified fence. Turn right through the opening and underneath the cars. Be careful here, there is a surprise dropping panel, so adjust accordingly by rapidly flying over the panel. Head straight and the wings segment has finished. You will see two holograms advertising Qwark on both sides of you.

Captain Wuss

Go through the opening into the room. Two Cragmites will appear so Judicate them. Use the Alpha Cannon if you do not have any Judicator ammo. Another good strategy is to turn both into penguins and kill them with the Transmorpher.This duel is pretty hard, the crags' have guarded Qwark well. Once defeated, Ratchet will open the wardrobe to reveal the wimp we all love and hate. Ratchet pulls Qwark together and Qwark goes off big headed. After the cutscene has finished, go onto the telepad and back to your ship. Top-up and next stop is facing the Cragmites for the last time.


Gold bolts

  • This gold bolt hovers above a dome-shaped glass building below. Walk up the grav ramp and spot the dome by looking to the right and down. You should see the gleam of the gold reflecting off the glass rooftop. Glide down to it and make your way back up to this point again afterward.
  • After deactivating the red force field, follow the path until you reach the area with the armored robot spitting bullets. From the first southern alcove, glide to the glass catwalk and nab the bolt. Hug the wall to return to safer ground.

Skill points

  • Stay Still So I Can Shoot You! (10 points)

In this skill point you need to strafe flip 10 times while fighting cragmite soldiers. Simply go to a part with lots of Cragmites and press "L2" and hold "right" and "PlayStationCross" to strafe flip. Do this 10 times.

  • 'Now Boarding...' (10 points)

This one is pretty self-explanatory and easy, complete the Gryo-Cycle segment in under 55 seconds.

  • Low Flying Owls (10 points)

When in the Robo-Wings segment, you must fly underneath an electrified barrier.

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