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The Infector is a weapon manufactured by Gadgetron in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal. It fires a green brainwashing serum that causes enemies to turn against one another until the effect wears off.

It can be upgraded to the Infecto Bomb with use, and in challenge mode, can be upgraded to the Mega Infecto Bomb from any Gadgetron vendor. While the Infector weapon did not reappear, its effect reappeared in later games.


Up Your Arsenal

The Infector was developed by the Brain Laundry Division of Gadgetron, using nano-virus globules which infect the bloodstream of an enemy through to the membrane, and cause a mild case of poisonous dementia.

The Infector could be purchased for 18,000 bolts upon reaching the Starship Phoenix, and upgraded to the Infecto Bomb with use. In challenge mode, the Mega Infecto Bomb upgrade could be purchased from any vendor for 220,000 bolts.


The Infector's effect reappeared in other games. In Deadlocked, the brainwash mod used in any weapon could apply the effect and turn enemies on one another. In Tools of Destruction, the Confuzzler Gas device had the same effect.


The Infector is a green weapon with glowing green highlights. It features many barrels in a triangular shape, as well as pumps. It fires a green blob of serum to infect enemies. The Infecto Bomb is similar in appearance, though it is black with yellow highlights.


The Infector fires a blob of serum which, when infecting enemies, damages them over time, and causes them to turn on one another. It deals little damage on its own, but it is tactically useful to reduce the immediate threat from enemies, and deals damage indirectly when enemies attack one another.

The weapon is outclassed very early on by other weapons. It does little damage, and its tactical advantage becomes redundant when the Agents of Doom and Miniturret Glove fulfil the same defensive role. This makes the Infector a very weak weapon that is extremely situational. Enemies it is useful against include the Ninja Bots, Drone Bots, and One-Eyed Tyhrranoids, as many of them can be infected at once.

The V2-4 upgrades improve the range of the weapon and give it more splash damage. The Infecto Bomb is easier to use, gives it an exploding charge, and deals more damage, but ultimately does little rectify the problems of the original.

Hints & Tips

This weapon is very effective against . If used correctly, you can have a good amount of these guys fighting by your side.

Behind the scenes

  • Before Up Your Arsenal's release, the Infector was not a projectile weapon, but instead fired a ray by holding down O. An IGN pre-release video showing this can be seen here.


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