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The Infector was an ingenious Gadgetron weapon created by Brain Laundry Division of Gadgetron that allowed you to infect your enemies with a brainwashing serum, causing them to turn against each other. This worked via proprietary "nano-virus globules" which, when shot at an enemy, got into their bloodstream through the membrane, which was a mild cause of poisonous dementia. However, the effect was not permanent and it would eventually wear off. At this point, it would either kill them or just wear off, in which the enemies resumed in the fighting of Ratchet. This weapon becomes absolutely useless after the first few worlds. it does almost no damage, and the infect effect does not last for more than 5 seconds.


When upgraded to the Infecto Bomb, the weapon fired an exploding charge packed with several blobs to infect multiple enemies.

Mega weapons

This weapon could be upgraded to the Mega Infecto-Bomb when playing the game again in challenge mode. This upgrade cost 220,000 bolts (or 198,000 with Gadgetron discount). It had a long range with power of 4000 and held up to 20 shots which cost 20 bolts each. At 10,000 experience points, it would upgrade to the Giga Infecto-Bomb and at 15,000 points, it upgraded to the Omega Infecto-Bomb.

Pros and cons


  • Infected enemies, causing damage over time and brainwashing them to have groups of enemies turn against each other.
  • Fully upgraded, it could infect multiple enemies at once.
  • It was enjoying to see enemies attack each other.
  • Very useful tactically, as it could be used to conserve ammo from other guns by using other.enemies to fight. In addition, it gained experience if the enemies fought each other as well.


  • Not very powerful.
  • Until V5, it was—generally—hard to use.


Version Functionality Range Power Ammo Exp. (1st play)
V1 Standard Long 180 15 400
V2 Wider Range Long 240 15 400
V3 Splash Damage Long 320 18 1200
V4 Longer Range/Increased Damage Long 400 20 1800
Infecto-Bomb Exploding Charge Long 600 20 Full

Official Description

In-game description

LV1 Infector

Infect your enemies with a brainwashing serum that causes them to turn against each other.


V2 infects not only the target enemy, but also nearby enemies that are badly damaged.


V3 can infect targets with splash damage.


V4 features an increased rate of infection.

Hints & Tips

This weapon is very effective against Ninja BotsDrone Bots, and One-Eyed Robonoids. If used correctly, you can have a good amount of these guys fighting by your side.

Behind the scenes

  • Before Up Your Arsenal's release, the Infector was not a projectile weapon but instead fired a ray by holding down O. An IGN pre-release video showing this can be seen here.


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