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The prototype Infernox Armor suit represents the ultimate achievement in personal protection systems. The Infernox suit combines Carbonox alloys imported from the Bogon galaxy, a Nanotech control system, and an onboard Quantum Hellfire generator to create a blazing barrier of total protection. Test results indicate that the Infernox system reduces damage by an unbelievable 80%!
―Gadgetron armor description  [UYA]

The Infernox Armor was the most powerful armor in the known universe. It was developed by Gadgetron and owed it's invulnerable total defense capabilities to the fact that it was the combination of Carbonox alloy, a Nanotech control system, and Quantum Hellfire generator which gave the suit Inferno Power.


If the armor has enough Inferno Power (gained from Inferno Crates in-game) and is utilized alongside the OmniWrench 12000 model wrench, the user would enter Inferno Mode, it's Quantum Hellfire generator would light the wrenches on fire, making them far more powerful - able to kill any enemy in one hit. Ratchet would also become completely invulnerable in this state.


Ratchet using the invincible Infernox Armor

Despite being an upgrade to the Carbonox armor, it only absorbed 80% of damage inflicted upon Ratchet in its regular state, 10% less than the Carbonox, though this is either because the enemies in Up Your Arsenal were more dangerous and the armor would not absorb as much damage from them or for gameplay purposes. However, when gained from an Infernox Crate it held a 100% damage reduction, making Ratchet temporarily invincible. At a cost of one million bolts, it could only be bought at the special armor vendor on the Starship Phoenix once Koros was unlocked.

The Infernox Armor was popular.[1] The Volcanox Armor, created by GrummelNet, was inspired by Infernox Armor.[1]

Carbonox Glitch

Infernox Glitch


  • The Infernox armor resembled the Trillium Armor, albeit a fiery orange instead of a steely grey. It was slightly more bulky and was superior in terms of resilience.
  • Upon buying the armor, you will earn the "Turn up the heat" skill point.
  • There is a glitch that allows you to obtain the look of this armor sooner than usual. To do this, you have to break an Inferno Crate and go to the Skins option in the Special menu. You then select the current armor option. Wait for the inferno power to run out. You should have the armor, although this will only display the armor's appearance and not provide the protection.


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