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This is the walkthrough for Inside Clank in Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters.

Defeat all Technomites

Restock on ammo, and remember: Clank is not on your back, you are inside him, so do not try any heli-pack tricks, cause they will not work. Start by taking out your Sniper Mine and killing the 4 Technomite Shock Troopers on the platform down below. If you do not have the Sniper Mine, then you will have to go down the zip line and kill them some other way. Once their dead, go through the hall and drop down to find some henchmen. Kill the 3 of them, and then the door will open. Go forward until 2 henchmen come out. This is how this segment works - enemies come out their hiding spots when you get close enough to alert them, so kill these 2 henchmen, and then move forward until 2 more come out. Now just keep going until the rest of the enemies come out. Once they are all dead, the exit door will open. In the next part, kill one zapper, which alerts the other 2, and then enter theroom and kill the other two. 3 henchmen should come out the door while you do this, so kill them afterwards. Once all the enemies are dead, go through the door and restock on ammo. Go through this door and some enemies will come down on the elevator. Kill them, and another group will come. Kill them, and then you can get on the elevator. Once it stops, get of and go down the hallway. Get out your long range weapon (Sniper Mine, Shock Rocket or Lacerator if you do not have one of the first 2), jump on to the fan and kill the 2 zappers. Now stand on the button, and the fan will blow you up - hold the Analog Stick or D-Pad in one direction until you land or are hanging on to the platform. Once there, kill the henchmen and go through the hallway, kill the henchmen and restock on ammo. Now go through the door. notice the 6 doors - 3 on either side. Enemies will come out these on usually you will be too busy dealing with other enemies to notice, so keep your eyes open for opening doors. Once the door at the end of the room opens, go through and unlock the door. Now kill all the enemies, and notice the pieces of metal lying around - you are in Clank's heart, and you need to get all of the pieces of his heart back where they should go, so get out your Polarizer and use it to lift pieces up and put them in the right spot. The heart will send out waves, so jump when it does. When you've fixed Clank's heart, a door will open. Go through and step on the button to see a cutscene.

Escape from Clank

So now we've got to get out Clank before the anti virus program activates and tries to kill us. Ratchet's no virus! We must leave! Start by going down the hallway until you see a vendor. Restock on ammo and then go through the hallway and kill the mini bots. Watch out for the laser - it flashes on and off, so do not get hit! Go through the fan and kill the mini bots, and then go through the laser and use your Polarizer on the magnet - you will now be upside down. Go through the laser to the next magnet and use the Polarizer to get back to normal. Watch out for the yellow spark - it goes around in a rectangle. Once you are at the magnetic strip, walk up it and avoid the lasers to eventually come out on the other side. Restock on ammo where you can buy the Static Barrier, and use the Polarizer on the magnet. Avoid the lasers and you will end up at another magnetm so use the polarizer on it to get back to normal. Use your Hypershot to get across the gap, and then kill the 4 mini bots that appear. Avoid the sparks and then you will come to a laser maze. Watch for a while so you can remember the pattern, and then go through the middle path. Jump on the platform, and use your Hypershot to get to the other side of the gap. Avoid all the lasers, and then use your Hypershot again. Now get on to the magnetic platform and use the Polarizer to be taken across the gap. Kill the 4 mini bots, avoid the lasers and the sparks, and then go down the hallway. Now use your Polarizer to be taken to the other side of the gap and then use it again to be taken to the platform. Avoid the sparks and you will end up at another Polarizer platform. Keep using the Polarizer, but plan your route to avoid the lasers. Once you are at the hallway, collect the Mega-Bomb body armor, and then go down the hallway to freedom! You are now back on Dayni Moon. You can come back to this arena to go back inside Clank. Now go to the Clone Factory on Quodrona.

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