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The Jack of All Trades is a boss in Secret Agent Clank. He is fought by Qwark in a fictional tale. This is a guide to help defeat him.

The player controls Qwark in this fictional boss battle. Jack, for the most part, moves around the room, launching bombs, firing cards, throwing buzzsaw hats, or summoning henchbots. Qwark can fire his blaster or punch Jack (though the blaster is preferable). After his health bar is down to 50%, Qwark's gun will jam, forcing him to use a Suc Vac 3000. Qwark can use the Vac to suck Jack's projectiles and fire them at Jack. Note that the Vac will only inhale Jack's cards, bombs, and henchbots; it cannot inhale Jack's buzzsaws. After repeating this strategy, Jack will be defeated.

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