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Ratchet jak x

Ratchet in Jak X

Jak X: Combat Racing, also known simply as Jak X, is a Jak & Daxter racing video game created by Naughty Dog.

Ratchet appears as a playable character in the game if the player has saved game data of Ratchet: Deadlocked on their memory card. Clank also appears as an antenna for his car.

Ratchet has no role in the story, but is playable in multiplayer. Clank, appearing as an antenna, is mentioned by Ratchet; when he hits another driver, he will sometimes say "That one's for Clank", and when he loses, he will say "I knew I should have brought Clank with me."

An adverisement for Ratchet: Deadlocked was found at the back of the game manual.




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