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Welcome to planet Jasindu, home to those killer furballs, the Kerchu! As you can see, Jasindu is a jungle like world with industrial citys, like Kerchu City. As soon as you land, you can see Kerchu City being bombarded by Space Pirates as they search the city for the "Lombax Secret." After the cutscene of the bombardment, you have two choices, you can either search for the Dimensinator or explore a secret entrance to a Underground Gelotionium Plant right near your ship. It's your move, you decide.

The Underground Gelatonium Plant

Right outside Kerchu City is an elevator to a secret Underground Gelatonium Plant, right beside your ship. Get on the elevator to travel to the Underground Gelatonium Plant. When the elevator hits the floor, pull out your Gelanator and extract some Gelatonium from G4-MW Isobaric Gelatonium Pump, opening the door to the mine. As you enter mine, you will a few Cerullean Swarmers, two Tumfoids and a really annoyed Kerchu Pryoguard. The Kerchu Pryoguard is busy; however, with those two Tumfoids who are feasting on Gelatonium leaking from a Gelatonium Pipe. Kill the Kerchu Pryoguard quickly before he gets a chance to fight, also kill of those Cerullean Swarmers that should be running to you by now. After you clear the area, look toward the rightside of the wall in the mine. Theres a Gelatonium Platform, use the Gelanator to make a large cube of Gelatonium that'll allow Ratchet to jump up to a cliff side area full of Raritanium Chests. After that is done, clear the cave of any Crates and surving Cerullean Swarmers, than jump to a small "island" in the Gelatonium pond in the far end of the cave, kill the swarmers on it and use the Gelanator to reach an opening on the other side of the pond.

Kerchu City

It's time to search Kerchu City for the Dimensibator. As you head to Kerchu City, you will encounter a small swarm of Cerullean Swarmers in the wood areas not far from the exit to the jungle. To reach the outer section of Kerchu City, Ratchet will have to jump on some rocky platforms over a large valley, spelling instant doom if he falls, also beware as there are some swarmers on them. Following the rocky platforms leads to a plateau connected to a mountain. As he reachs the cliff for this plateau, he'll encounter the last swarm of swarmers to Kerchu City. Now however, after he kills them, Ratchet must jump to a ledge that leads to Kerchu City outskirts. He'll see two Corsair Pirates fighting a single Kerchu Pryoguard. After you've been spotted, The Kerchu Pryoguard is killed by some Bucceaners.


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