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For jet boots used by Clank, see Hoverboots.
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These Cougar Jet Signature Series shoes have been banned from all the Roboball tournaments from 0x4d47 onwards because the powerful rockets were augmenting robo-athlete's performance unfairly.
―Gadget description  [SAC]
Jet Boots

The Jet Boots were of the Cougar Jet Signature Series. They were powerful rockets that allowed the user to burst upwards a short distance and could be used to glide much like the Heli-Pack or Thruster-Pack. The jet boots were banned from all Roboball tournaments from 0x4d47 onwards as they improved the robo-athletes' performances unfairly.

Clank used Jet Boots during Secret Agent Clank, and Klunk also used his own pair during the final battle - though his produced red flames.

Similar boots

The Jet Boots glide function was similar to that of the Hoverboots.

A pair of similar boots were used by Chainblade in Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando in order to hover. Qwark's boots in Secret Agent Clank functioned the same way as Chainblade's in his battle with the mechanical monster


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