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Juanita Alvaro

Notable quotes from Juanita Alvaro.

Ratchet: Deadlocked quotes

Oh come on! Will somebody just kill this little runt already?
―Juanita  [Deadlocked]
Look, Both his bots are down. He's gonna die!
―Juanita  [Deadlocked]
Hmmm. Not Bad. But Ace Hardlight would've done better.
―Juanita  [Deadlocked]
I think I saw this on the 'Galaxies Most Painful Home Movies', I love it when they miss the jump and smash their crotches on the railing. So wacky!
―Juanita  [Deadlocked]
He's won an all expense paid trip to the Leviathan's Lair! Where he'll enjoy golf, tennis, fine dining and an agonizing death as he is slowly dissolved by stomach acids in the Leviathan's colon!
―Juanita  [Deadlocked]
That's right, take him out Team Darkstar! Destroy him! Destroy his family! Make him cry into his next life! AARRRRGHHH!
―Juanita  [Deadlocked]
Oh, look! One of his bots are down. Aww, too bad it was the cute one too.
―Juanita  [Deadlocked]
Wow! That was a close one! One false move and those alien suckers will be eating your head for lunch!
Dallas  [Deadlocked]
Mmmm… My mother used to serve Lombax brains for breakfest with eggs and salsa. Moi meuro!
Juanita  [Deadlocked]
Yikes! Remind me to never eat at your house!
Dallas  [Deadlocked]

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