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The Judicator was the V5 version of the Negotiator. Instead of only firing one rocket like its predecessor it shot three, like the Silencer. The other two rockets were shot at a 30 degree angles laterally. However, the two additional rockets did not seek out a target, so that they were often wasted unless they were fired into a group of enemies or if fired at close range. Despite firing three rockets at a time, each shot counted as one ammo.

Ratchet holding Judicator

Ratchet holding the Judicator in A Crack in Time

In Tools of Destruction, the Judicator held 12 rockets and dealt 3210 damage. It could be upgraded to the Omega Judicator for a cost of 9,500,000 bolts in Challenge Mode. In A Crack in Time, the Judicator held 10 rockets and could be upgraded into the Omega Judicator for 244,000 bolts in Challenge Mode.

Upgrade Announcement (A Crack in Time)

"Congratulations! You've just upgraded to the Judicator! Your weapon has been modified to fire two additional rockets for three times the mayhem!"


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