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Getting the Map-o-Matic

For this level, keep the Visibomb Gun, Devastator, Glove of Doom, Walloper and Pyrociter handy, as you will encounter Chompers, Seekers, Gadgetron Test Dummies, Blarg Elite Guards and Armed Transports. When you land, use visibombs to take out the three Elite Guards at the end of the long platform. Run down and destroy the Seekers with the Walloper. Equip the Visibomb Gun, onto the travelator and fire a visibomb just as an Armed Transport flies above the platform to release three Elite Guards - if you are quick you can destroy them all with one visibomb. Hit the button with the wrench and run into the room. Take the left path, go up the lift and grind the rail, avoiding the mines and cars. At the end you will meet the Gadgetron Helpgirl, who flirts with Clank and gives you the Map-o-Matic with which you can see secret areas on your planet maps. Afterwards, take the taxi to the start of the rail.

Getting the Hologuise

From the start of the rail, go back dow the lift and into the large room. Run down the platform and destroy the Chompers, then equip the Glove of Doom and run into the first test room on the right. When you enter, Test Dummies will come out the little doors and use some sort of Bomb Glove against you. The Glove of Doom is a preferable weapon here, as the Agents of Doom will just run around and keep destroying the Dummies, but you can use another weapon. When all the Dummies have been destroyed, go through the doors, equip the Devastator and go up the lift. Destroy the three Elite Guards and snipe the switch down on the right with the blaster, then stretch jump down into the room and destroy the Seekers with the Walloper. Run into the second test room, and destroy the Test Dummies again.

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