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This is the walkthrough for Kalidon in Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters.

Entering the Factory

When Ratchet lands, he will see two different vendors - an upgrader, and the standard vendor. After you make your selections, go down the path. Three RCUs will attack Ratchet; blow them all to bits with the Lacerator. Then go back to the landing pad steps and go right; there will a titanium bolt in a crater at the end of the path. Go back to the crossroads and go right. Talk to the Skyboarder and win all the challenges; Ratchet will receive a Shrink Ray and an armor piece. Go back to the crossroads and head to where the RCUs came from, go down the path, and Hypershot across the path. Destroy the two guard torsos approaching and run up the stairs. Destroy the four RCUs climbing down them. Next to the factory door, there are two alcoves; one has a titanium bolt. Activate the lock and ski down the rails, destroying or dodging bombs along the way. Grindrails in the locks are like mazes; it'll take a while to clear them. When Ratchet comes across red panels along the rails, he must strike them with his wrench to deactivate the security field at the end of the lock.

Inside the factory

Ratchet will enter two rooms surrounded by inert Guard torsos; destroy them all. Go into the hallway and destroy the two Sentry-bots. Go into the next room to come across an assembly line; two Guard torsos defend it. After everything in the room has been destroyed, head forward and make a right. Go onto the platform; it will slowly lower Ratchet onto multiple levels where he must destroy various Sentry-bots and Guard torsos. Occasionally, bombs will be tossed at Ratchet after a few rounds. When the brutal elevator ride is done, jump off the elevator quickly. Load up on ammo and Nanotech, then activate the computer. Jump up the platforms that appear in the elevator pit to go back up to the surface. Ratchet will receive an armor piece; load up on ammo. Go up the stairs and take a left; destroy the Sentry-bots there. In the next room, CAREFULLY Hypershot across the gap; dodge the hammerbot. Go into the next room, which is filled with eight Guard torsos; kill them all with the Lacerator, Acid Bomb Glove, and Scorcher. This is a very challenging fight, so be prepared for many tries. After the room is cleared, go down the elevator into a gigantic room full of acid. Turn the bolt crank to raise Hypershot targets and platforms. Be careful; the platforms will fall a second after Ratchet jumps on them. Go into the next room; it is very long and thin, with lots of crates inside. Once the door behind Ratchet closes, he will see why—a rack of Sentry -bots deploys from the ceiling. This fight is quite tough; a total of twelve Sentry Bots and six Guard Torsos will deploy from the ceiling. After Ratchet is done killing them, enter the lock and open the door. Kill the three Guard torsos in the room ahead to open the door. Behold the power core.

The power core

This gigantic chamber is crisscrossed with a maze of gravity boot paths. It's also infested with small explosive probes; hit them with the wrench to destroy them. Look around carefully before going down into the core. See that titanium bolt? Get it before exiting the power core. For those who need help with the maze:

  1. Go forward.
  2. Turn left.
  3. Turn right.
  4. Turn right.
  5. Turn right.
  6. Turn left.
  7. Enter the exit.

After Ratchet passes through the power core, he will run onto an assembly line. Use the Scorcher to destroy the twelve hammerbots in his way. At the end of the assembly line is a gap in between Ratchet and the end of the level. Jump and hover over it; BE CAREFUL. Die and Ratchet will have to redo the maze all over again.

Defeating Mungo

After the player passes through the assembly line with the hammerbots, they find a vendor, crates, and Nanotech in a small hallway. Recharge on ammo and use the Nanotech if needed. Walk along the bridge until Mungo appears from below the arena.

The recommended weapon for fighting Mungo is the Lacerator and in Challenge Mode, the Titan Optical Maser Array/Titan Dual Lacerators for the most damage, and to protect yourself during the battle, you can use the Titan Repulsor Field.

The first crates are Nanotech. The ammo crates that spawn will actually give you useful ammo, so you do not need to use your PDA (in challenge mode). Nanotech may spawn from time to time. Mungo's first attacks are swinging his fist at Ratchet. Timing is everything in order to dodge; when Mungo begins throwing a punch at you, jump over his fist with a double jump. If you are quick enough, you can simply run away from Mungo. Strafe away from him while blasting away with the Lacerator. After the first third of his health is gone, he'll leap to one end of the arena and start throwing camera bots. These makeshift projectiles are fairly easy to dodge; just strafe away from side to side. During this time, you can also use your Lacerators while dodging him to cut his health down even more, and in challenge mode, possibly sparingly use the Titan Optical Maser Array then to do a lot of quick damage (you have to be careful to use the analog stick to aim at him while not getting hit), or Titan Dual Lacerators when strafing away from him. After he's used up the bots on one end, he'll swing overhead to the other end of the arena, then continue throwing cameras at you. Once you deplete the second third of his health, he'll rip a railing off the edge of the edge of the arena and use it like a baseball bat. Again, timing is everything, and this time, due to his greater reach, you cannot run from Mungo; you will have to jump over the bat. When Mungo is near death, he will discard his bludgeon and jump and down, smashing his fists against the ground and creating fiery shockwaves. Jump over these, blasting away all the while. Congratulations, you've just killed the first boss.

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