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This is the walkthrough for Kerwan in Ratchet & Clank.

Get out your ship, and you will be in a sort of garden. Now, you will see a tunnel of some sort - so go through it. You will be at a place with two ways to go: left and right. Going left is best thing to do at this time, as you can earn the Swingshot. So go left, but before doing so, refill on ammo and buy the Pyrocitor if you haven't already and if you have the bolts. However, while going to the course, look left and you will see some crates. Just destroy them and continue.

Qwark Training Course

Metropolis 3 HD

Ratchet going down the zipline

You will then be met by a certain Captain Qwark. However, this one is different. You would have probably noticed by now, that he is a robot dummy. Clank - not so same. He thinks it's actually Qwark! After the cutscene, embark on the training course.

Go forward, then left. Jump up the steps and hop over to the other ones and go up onto the rock. In front of you are two walls that are used for scaling - wall jumping. If you read the Novalis walkthrough you would be familiar, but if you did not - here's how it goes: You jump onto one wall, and then in mid-air turn around and hit the other wall. Press PlayStationCross when in contact with the adjacent wall and repeat until you reach the top. There will be a lot of these in the future. Get the crates on your right, the jump over the gap you scaled, break the time-bomb crates and do the aforementioned again. Once you reach the top, here comes the fun part. Break the crates and go underneath the ball, the place where it is marked. Jump up and you are zip-lining! Get down and get the bolts and hop over to the second island. Here is the challenging part. Jump up onto the box and the other box and then jump straight up not forward, where you will see a single crate. In front of you will be a platform that moves side by side, and eventually into the wall next to you. When it is available, hop onto it and hop over to the next stationary platform. Now this is slightly harder. There are two moving platforms, in the form of steps so be quick. Get to the top. Now there are another two moving platforms, but they do not move at the same time so be versatile and hop over them. Remember when you scaled the two adjacent walls earlier. Their back again, but this time they move like the previous platforms. Successfully scale 'em and challenge the following moving platforms, which are extra hard. Well done, now go around and you will meet another moving, scaler wall. Go up there. Break the crates and zip-line down to the third island.




Say hi to Helga. This person is a recurring character. She might help you a bit. No - she criticises you and tells you that was the worst time ever around that course. Ignore her, and buy the Swingshot for 1000 bolts and if you can't, just earn some bolts and come afterwards. Break a couple of crates and try out your new Swingshot. It uses Versa-Targets which take you from place to place. Jump and press PlayStationCircle, and the green target will take you straight to the platform under it. Now, you see the double yellow targets? These will swing you around, so do the same, except this time hold on, swing forward in mid-air and let go. Keep on doing this until your reach your platform. Take the zip-line down to the first island and now go back to the square.

Al's & Eudora


A Blargcopter

After completing the training-course and getting the Swingshot (if not as you could not afford it, just come back after some bolts are earned) you should turn right. Go down right and wrench the robomutts and take down the Blarg Commander with anything you want. You will be in a sort of public room, and the only was it left, so go down left. More evil puppies so roast them with the Pyrocitor if you want and defeat the Commanders. You will see a bridge, and go on it. There will be an attacking Blargian Helicopter, so look out. There is no point in defeating it as it goes away anyway, but use a Bomb Glove if you want to.

Stab the cowardly Commando in the back, and his "pets" and bash up some crates for bolts and ammo. Now, you will see two escelators. Go down there, on whichever one you want (But I would advise you to use common sense), and you will be met by a jungle of Blarg. Use your Pyrocitor to casually toast them, or you can use the bomb glove. Look out for the no-good miners, who will drop unsupecting pieces of cowardice onto the floor. Now turn right, and go down the bridge. Defeat any enemies that come near. Guess what! You're at the RoboShack!

Al's Roboshack

The duo will be useless if you do not buy the upgrade, so buy it for a decent price, or if you cannot - take a hike and get some bolts… then come back. Now, for comical reasons, you can zoom into Al, and you will see him fidgeting his fingers and looking around. "Al, there is not going to be an invasion… uh, for a long time."

Is this the way to the infobot?

Now go out and use your new heli-pack. Go up to that oversized crate (or whatever it is) and high-jump (R1+X) up there. Then long-jump (Run->R2+X) to the platform. Jump onto the elevator. You will be up on a high building with a few crates. Get some bolts and glide (Jump+Hold X) down to the ground and you will be met by some terrible Blarg. Well, more so useless than terrible. All they do is run away. Even the 'mutts' cannot wait for their breakfast. Now blast the Blarg out the way, or take them down with the Pyrocitor. Go up the elevator and toast the mutts. Break the crates as well.

Now here's a fun skill point you can do. Go to the crates on the left and look down. You will see the bridge that took you to Al's Roboshack. Glide down and land on the spinning golden statue, or on the pedestal. Well done - you now got a skill point for standing right next to the statue. You do not have to do this now, but if you did, you will need to go back and do the last paragraph again. Do not worry though, there are no enemies this time.

Head forward and get the crates with the ammo and bolts. Go up the escelator. Bomb the Blargian in front of you, or just hyper-strike him. Now this is where you are heli-pack comes in handy. Instead of going left, go to the right where the stacked up boxes are. High-Jump onto the top of them. Undetected, long-jump to the other boxes to your front. Hop over the boxes and pick up the gold bolt. If you did not break the ammo crate, hop back and do it now. From that spot, bomb glove the robomutts at the bottom and destroy their main spawner. Or do it manually and flame them directly. Go back over the boxes, and straight towards your destination. Stab the Blargians in their backs and collect some bolts off the crates. Instead of going right from here, go a bit more forward and go left through the aperture. Get the wonderful crates here. Break the crate wall and collect the extra crates and go back. Hop onto the small gap between the trains, get the crates and then jump onto the train beside it.

The train will start to move, so hop over the platforms and anhilliate the slabs of cowardice (Blarg) on them. You're reward: an Infobot to Eudora. Ah, but first you must chase it. Firstly, go slightly to your left and brake the wall of crates. Get the bolts and come back. Turn left again after you come out the room, and defeat the Blargian Miner. Turn left again and into the small room. There is your infobot.


Drek and the Lieutenant are talking to each other about the harvestation of logs from Eudora. Drek hits out and says destroy the whole planet. You must save Eudora. Either go to Aridia if you haven't already, or go to Eudora -; however, if you do not have the Trespasser (which is available on Aridia), you cannot access most of Eudora.

Return to your ship

After you got the infobot, there should be an elevator ahead. Step on it and you will go back to where you started. Go to your left and you will return to the vendor. If you had enough bolts, you can refill your ammo for your weapons if needed. If you did not finished Qwark's Fitness Course yet, go straight, but if you completed it, go to your left. Go right and ride your ship - off to Eudora!


Gold bolts

Kerwan Tunnel

Nearing the gold bolt

Kerwan Terrace

A lot of revenue here

  • Go to the vendor on Metropolis. Face forward, so you are facing the skyscrapers and buildings. Now jump over the railings and glide down. Turn the camera around, and keep gliding. Eventually, you will see an opening on the building-face. Hundreds of vehicles will be seen flying in and out. Go into that opening, and you will find yourself in a hall, with a gold bolt, a few crates and hundreds of vehicles flying over you. Collect everything here and then you can do a neat trick. Hit L1 and the Square button to Comet Strike at the vehicles constantly. This will earn you hundreds of bolts as you are steadily earning an income of bolts via destroying vehicles. Yes, it seems a bit uncivilized but oh well. Now if you finished in here, go forward and hop onto the taxi which will take you back to the square.
  • You need a helipack. Go on top of the second island on the exercise course. Look to the opposite direction of the zip-line (where there are no bars on the side) and look down and see some crates and an opening in a nearby building. Glide down and get the bolts and the gold bolt.
  • You need a helipack. This is explained in previously in this article. After visiting Al's, make your way through the obstacles until you reach the bridge which leads to the escelator. Go forward, and go up the escelator. Attack the Blarg that nears you, (or if you have already completed this part remember where it was) and then turn right to the boxes. High-Jump on top of the large box. You will see at the bottom some robo-dogs. Do not go there now. Firstly, Long-Jump over to the other boxes, then hop over until you reach the gold bolt.

Skill points

  • Strike a Pose: Go between the legs of the Big Al statue in front of Al's Roboshack.

To do this, take the path to the train and continue until you get on top of the second elevator. Walk on the ledge at the left of the elevator until you cannot go any farther. Look down and towards the left and you will see the giant statue in front of the shop with the wrench in its hands that is turning on itself. Glide to it and go between its legs.

  • Blimpy: Destroy a blimp in the sky.

Unless its really close and you can get it with the Devastator, use the Visibomb Gun to do that. If you wish to use the Devastator, stand in the main plaza where the first gadgetron vendor is located. In the distance you will see a blimp headed your way. Wait for it, look straight up with the Devastator, and fire in front thereof as it goes overhead (aim half to three quarters of the size of the blimp in front as it takes a while for the missile to get there). Otherwise, head up to a high point at the far end of the level and wait therefor to get close enough to lock on.

  • Qwarktastic: Destroy the Qwark robot at the exercise course.

The first weapon strong enough to do so is the Devastator or the Visibomb Gun. Another strong weapon will be the R.Y.N.O..

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