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This is the walkthrough for Kerwan in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal

As soon as you land, there will be small Tyhrannoids ahead of you, dispose of them; however, you please. There will also be a Gadgetron vendor. After restocking/killing all the enemies head straight from where the vendor is. Now, kill more enemies, but before proceeding forward, make a left and break the glass there. This is where the Insomniac Museum lies, but only accessible at a certain time. Now, head forward from where the glass was, and equip your Hypershot. There will be a Titanium Bolt hidden after the Hypershot target. Okay, now backtrack to where you entered and head to the main path. There will be a curve, and an enemy dropship. Just use something strong to take it out fast. Head forward, and kill some more enemies! There should be another vendor, but ignore it and break the glass inside the small building. Pick up the Skrunch trophy hidden behind one of the glass windows. Now proceed, and there will be a cutscene. After the cutscene, you can refill your ammo if needed. Now, ignore the Tyrrhanoids, and once you have activated the tank, use the Infector so that it will take out the other Tyrrhanoids, because that evil weapon will gain tremendous amounts of experience points! Now venture to the main path and jump up to reach the next area, and be prepared to kill more enemies. After that, head left and you will be on your Gravity Boots. Kill more enemies ahead, then afterwards make a right, killing some more baddies. Now you will be outside that building, and up against two flying Tyrrhanoids, and a Dropship. Take them out; however, you want. Before making a left, look to your right. Jump to that platform, and make your way to the right. But be careful so you do not fall. You will find another Titanium Bolt! Now head back and fight some more enemies. Head up with the Gravity Boots. Be prepared to fight some more flying enemies, but it is a bit harder since you cannot freely move. Use the Multi-Disc Launcher, or N60 Storm. After you are done with the Gravity Boots section, defeat more enemies and equip the Refractor. Go to the bolt crank and finish the Refractor circuit. Now, go forward and go to the Grav-Train. Prepare to fight…

Giant Klunk

When Giant Klunk starts flying towards you, quickly equip the Flux Rifle. Shoot him as many times as you can before he throws a bomb. His health should go down rapidly. Then start shooting him with the Annihilator. He starts using the same attacks as Giant Clank at you. (Bombs and missiles) Avoid them. If you run out of ammo use the N60 Storm. When his health goes down enough an other set of grav-trains will fly to you. They have some health and ammo on them. Now finish him with the Annihilator or Flux Rifle. Klunk falls and you rescue Clank.

Titanium Bolts

There are 3 Titanium Bolts hidden in this planet.

  • After landing go to the main path until you enter the first building. Destroy the glass, to the left and Hypershot away to the hidden area. The bolt should be there.
  • After exiting the area with light shining down the building, look to your right. Jump to the platform, and go right. You will see the bolt.
  • During the Galactic Rangers mission, Tower Attack, go behind one of the brown buildings and your reward is there.

Skill Points

You can obtain a Skill Point on this planet.

2002 was a good year: Destroy the blimp. I suggest using the Flux Rifle.


You can find a trophy on this planet.

Skrunch trophy: You will find this after getting to the second vendor. Break the glass windows nearby and it should be hidden behind on of the panes.

Insomniac Museum

This is where you can see items that were never released, monsters, and even a Qwark Vid-Comic. This place is full of good Easter Eggs, and is quite fun to explore. However, you can only visit this place at a certain time. The time is dependent in the internal clock of the PS2. You may enter this place at the times of, 3:00 AM to 4:00 AM. Only a real insomniac could pull that off!

To get there, enter the first building and destroy the glass to your left. Break the glass to the left again, and you will see a Teleporter. Go on it and enjoy!

Alternative Method for Insomniac Museum

If you cannot stay awake, or even wake up at those times above, simply set your internal clock to 3:00 AM. Go to the teleporter and enjoy.

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