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This is the walkthrough for Kerwan in Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction.

You will see the cutscene and end up next to a large building. Get the bolts from the crates and top up on everything via crates as there are no vendors here. Continue forward along the bridge, and use your Combuster or Fusion Grenade to exterminate the incoming Drophyds - small orange fish-like creatures in robot suits. You can also use your wrench, they are not that much of a threat. After taking them out, use your wrench to attack the small blue Tesladrones. Go to the left of the statue and get some bolts off the crates and turn around and follow the way. You will find yourself in a small hall or circular public area. There are small robots here, and they are harmless but nevertheless earn you bolts. Revenue is to be found here, so get the crates.


Near the bridge and Combust the two floating Drophyds. A Dropship will come so be careful. Use your wrench to kill the tesladrones, or use the Fusion Grenade. Defeat the Drophyds with your wrench or Combuster and go to the triangular green jump pad. Jump when on it and you will be transported to a different section of the level. A giant robot will be in front of you. Do not attack it, just stay put. Now quickly get the wrenches and strafe-shoot the floating Drophyds. Strafing is the art of facing the enemy at all times when running. You should always use this when using weapons, and can be performed by holding L2 when running. Step on the second jump pad and destroy the four Drophyds waiting.

Grind rail

Walk over the grind rail and the Grind Boots will automaticall equip. Use the analogue stick to indicate left or right direction and PlayStationCross to jump between rails. As soon as you start on the first rail jump to the right. As the camera angle changes get ready to jump over circular electrical obstacles to avoid taking damage. The rail circles around a building that is being destroyed - watch out for the gaps in the rail.


As soon as you leave the grind rail a Drophyd will turn around the corner and attack you, while another flies into view. After destroying them both a dropship will appear. Quickly turn to the left and destroy the Tesladrones before returning your attention to the Drophyds - as they are close together at this point the Fusion Grenade can be quite effective.

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