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"That's true, but it's not as black and white as you seem to think. You can do the wrong things for the right reasons"
―Klunk to Clank[src]

Klunk, sometimes known as Clunk,[4] was the evil counterpart of Clank whose homeworld was planet Mariona.[1] He was created by Dr. Nefarious to act as a spy impersonating Clank. His name was given to him by Nefarious as a joke in Metropolis, Kerwan. Compared to Clank, he was as same-looking and weighed the same so Ratchet couldn't see any difference between them. Klunk had red eyes (when thinking evil thoughts) instead of green like Clank, but Klunk could turn them green, which he did to fool Ratchet in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal. He was also the main villiain in Secret Agent Clank, masterminding the theft of the Eye of Infinity.


Up Your Arsenal

In Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal, Klunk replaced Clank after his completion of an episode of Secret Agent Clank at Holostar Studios. As the true Clank refused to assist Dr. Nefarious, he was imprisoned and Klunk was built to take his place. Klunk continued posing as Clank throughout a large portion of the remaining game, with Ratchet only extremely slowly becoming aware that something was amiss. Klunk's true identity was only revealed at the end of the Metropolis level, at which point he transformed into his Giant Klunk form and dueled Ratchet on top of a pair of moving Hover Trains. Klunk survived after the fierce battle and the real Clank returned.


During the DreadZone competition Ratchet and Clank were slandered by the reporters Dallas and Juanita. Clank was made to look evil with red and angry eyes and a goatee which was similar to Klunk.

Tools of Destruction

When inside the Iris Supercomputer, one of the questions Ratchet could ask IRIS was "who is Clank's evil counterpart?". The response was "Klunk".

A Crack in Time

Klunk does not make an appearance, but is mentioned in a Galactic Trivia fact from A Crack in Time. Klunk was revealed to have apparently died and in memory of him, Dr. Nefarious was originally going to name the Tombli Outpost on Zanifar the "Klunk Memorial Work Camp and Day Spa", in honor of Nefarious' former minion. However, Klunk's estate lawyers prevented this from happening.

Other side stories and events

Qwark Pink Pajamas Captain's log, stardate, eh, let's call it Wednesday.

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Size Matters

Note: The following ambiguously canon events take place at some point after the events of "Up Your Arsenal"

Giant Klunk in Dreamtime.

Ratchet was trapped in what appeared to be a dream sequence, where he attempted to follow a redish orange like eyed ghost Clank, who continued to tell him "it is safe inside this door". This Clank, in addition to being able to float and remove his head, had a color scheme and appearance bearing a strong resemblance to Klunk. He also appeared in an even more massive Giant Clank form, though all of his attacks were instead made out of butterflies. Interestingly, the "Friends Don't Hurt Friends" skill point could be obtained for not taking damage during the encounter with Clank, and his color scheme was actually that of Giant Clank.

Secret Agent Clank

Note: The following ambiguously canon events take place at some point after the events of "Up Your Arsenal" and "Size Matters"
"Don't kill him too quickly, boys!"
―Klunk to his minions[src]

Klunk was the mastermind behind the theft of the Eye of Infinity and framed Ratchet by using a mind control device on him. He had donned a mech suit, going under the alias The Kingpin to shade his identity. Under this alias, he threatened a scientist to create a laser that could blow up every planet in the Solana galaxy using the Eye of Infinity as a refractor. His true identity wasn't revealed until the Spaceship Graveyard. Clank came across the Kingpin Suit and initially thought he was staring at his own reflection, but to his surprise, it was actually Klunk. Klunk orders two guards to restrain him, and then makes off for Clank's ship (hoping it was an automatic, as he never learned to drive a stick), telling his guards not to kill Clank too quickly. Klunk is encountered for the final time in his underwater base. He proceeds to tell Clank his belief that the difference between right and wrong is not as black and white as Clank thought, and that the wrong things can be done for the right reasons. He then mocks Clank's friendship with Ratchet, stating "He is dumber and weaker than you and yet you ride around on his back like some kid on a carousel." Clank retorts that Ratchet has proven his worth as a hero and friend and is proud to help him on his endeavors. Klunk then explains his plan to make all the "squishies" bow to him. Using the Eye of Infinity as a refractor, a laser is poised to destroy every planet in the galaxy in a single shot, but Klunk will quickly kill Clank (which he thought wouldn't be hard as he thought Clank fought like a girl), and would then broadcast himself dismantling the satellite under the guise of Clank. The two then engaged in a final showdown with Klunk using various mech suits and his own martial art skills. Halfway through the fight, Klunk reveals his backup plan: activating the satellite, claiming that he alone knows how to stop it, so even if Clank was victorious, Klunk's plan would still succeed. At the end, Klunk was defeated, and became a vacuum cleaner for Clank's apartment, prompting Clank to humorously state that it 'sucks' to be him.



Klunk laughing

Klunk was easily discernable from the true Clank by his eerily red eyes and sinister laugh, though he could hide both of these qualities in order to pose as the original. Ratchet failed to interpret these strange behaviors early on. While transformed into Giant Klunk, he also had a darker color scheme. In Secret Agent Clank, he wore a golden suit and a goatee.


Klunk had a more evil and selfish personality than Clank. He seemed to like giving orders by himself as he gathered an army after the defeat of Otto Destruct. He cared little for the welfare of others, as evidenced when he coldly refused to stay on Dr. Nefarious' star cruiser even while Captain Qwark was still on board. This callous disregard for the lives of others was shown more prominently in Secret Agent Clank where his plan to use the Eye of Infinity to destroy every planet in the galaxy would have claimed millions of lives. Klunk also showed high intelligence, able to build robotic mech suits of Nefarious and Ratchet. He had also shown to be very cunning, quite capable of long-range planning and able to stay one step ahead of Clank while keeping his identity secret for most of the game. It was also not above himself to swear, where he partially did in Up Your Arsenal.

Powers and abilities

"You're not the only one who's been practicing the stealthy arts."

Giant Klunk

Klunk was fitted with Heli-Pack, Thruster-Pack and Hydro-Pack upgrades like Clank. During the boss fight against him in Up Your Arsenal, Klunk exhibited an ability to turn into an Ultra-Mech like Clank, but without using an Ultra-Mech pad. This 'Giant Klunk' was a stronger and more well armored version of Giant Clank. He possessed all of the attacks ever used by Giant Clank at a higher level of power, in addition to a small number that were unusable by the original. He fired missiles, hovered with jet boosters, and hurled energy bombs, however his arrogance let him down, as he followed the same pattern of attacks against Ratchet throughout the fight, making him extremely predictable.

While not in his Ultra-Mech form, Klunk has shown to be a capable fighter on his own, Klunk had three mechanical suits at his disposal he also had the same fighting style as Clank. Klunk had jet boots with a golden red thrust.[verification needed]


Klunk in a Tux

Klunk in Secret Agent Clank as a skin.

  • It was possible (though rare) for Giant Klunk to time his first movement incorrectly and fall off the train roughly five seconds into the fight. If this happened, the player would have to commit suicide, as this did not actually kill him and thus does not trigger the next cutscene.
  • While fighting Dr. Nefarious at the Biobliterator launch site, Ratchet could hide behind various pieces of scrap and debris. One of them was a blackened, Clank/Klunk-like robot body.
  • Klunk had apparently taken after Nefarious' dislike of organic life forms, as he called them "Squishies" in Secret Agent Clank as Nefarious did in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal.
  • Klunk's homeworld, Mariona, could be seen by watching him with the Holo-Monocle in Secret Agent Clank.
  • Klunk (in his Gold tuxedo) and with a beard was a skin in Secret Agent Clank.
  • During the period between Clank's abduction and return, Klunk's eyes periodically turned red for a few seconds. But since this is seen in third-person view, only the player was alerted to this, and not Ratchet.
  • Klunk was one of the characters who almost swore in the whole series. While President Phyronix gave his condolences to the Q-Force, Klunk remarked, "What a load of bullsh—" until Ratchet hit him.
  • In Up Your Arsenal, Clank and Klunk never actually communicated or spoke to each other. The only time they made any communication was in Metropolis when Klunk walked to Dr. Nefarious before he turned around he gave Clank a quick look and turned around.
  • Also in Up Your Arsenal the name Klunk was only mentioned twice in the whole game and was never mentioned after his defeat. When Nefarious was talking to Clank, he said Klunk twice. In Addition, in the mission Defeat Giant Klunk it mentions Klunk.



Ratchet & Clank series

Notes and references

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  2. Clank's height is 2'22" according to Insomniac and Klunk was made to appear just like Clank which means his height is most likely the same as Clank's.
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  4. The IRIS Supercomputer refers to him as Clunk rather then Klunk.

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