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This article is about laboratory on Orxon. You may be looking for the Korgon Refinery on Planet Markazia  in Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault.

The Kogor Refinery was a large laboratory area located on Planet Orxon. It contained many deadly creatures and experiments of the Blarg inventors' inventions. This facility was one of dozens on Orxon responsible for the pollution that ravaged the Blargian homeworld, as its smokestacks constantly emitted toxic gases into the poisonous atmosphere and it dumped green, acidic sewage into what's left of Orxon's bodies of water. The facility itself relied on force fields to preserve the oxygen atmosphere inside the structure. Thus, these few stations was one of the only breathable areas in the region. The facility hosted a large population of mutants who were affected by the endless pollution.

The Refinery was where Ratchet and Clank retrieved weapons and gadgets for use in their mission to stop Chairman Drek, but Clank initially traveled alone due to the planet's poisonous atmosphere. Clank retrieved Magneboots and an Infobot for Pokitaru. Ratchet later returned with an Oxygen Mask from Pokitaru to find the Nanotech upgrades in the labs.


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