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This is the walkthrough for the Korgon Refinery.


Gold bolts

There are five gold bolts at the Korgon Refinery.

The first gold bolt is found by taking the right path from the QForce base and then the first left. Keep going until you reach the acid at the end of the route where you will see the bolt.

The second gold bolt can be found on a higher surface to the left of the QForce base. To access this area go towards the first QForce weapon pod, in the QForce base, jump onto the rocky surface to the left and use the hoverboot ramp to cross the gap. The bolt will then be on your left.

The third gold bolt is towards the top east corner of the map. Follow the power cables until you reach the first set of enemies defending the node at the corner. The bolt will be on a platform. To access this stand on a nearby rock and double-jump up to the platform, destroy some crates and collect the bolt.

The fourth gold bolt is on top of a platform to the North of the map, just East of the route that takes you to the Planetary Defense Center. To access the platform use the Meteor Pad below.

The fifth gold bolt can be obtained by taking the right path from the QForce base and then the first left. Instead of heading towards the acid turn around and use the Hoverboot ramp. After crossing the gap you will find the gold bolt.

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