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This is the walkthrough for Koros.

Head to the Facility

As soon as you start Slim Cognito will tell you he has a Plasma Coil for sale. Head forward and kill some troopers. You will now come across two paths, the right path has nothing but enemies so destroy them and head left. Destroy the giant bot to the left area and continue going on the forward path. More enemies will appear and some will be on top of buildings. There will be a grayish looking bunker on the ground, inside are some enemies. Head forward from the bunker and destroy the giant robot in your way. It is best to stay inside because it shoots missiles similar to Gary and Helen. Now long jump across the gap and destroy some more troopers. Head right to find some black boxes to jump on top of. Instead of heading forward, venture to the small building there. You will find a trophy. Jump down to where the fence that is guarding the titanium bolt is. You got yourself another one! Now head back to the main path and kill a whole lot more enemies. This place is a warzone so come prepared with Nitro Eruptor ammo, and maybe the Bouncer too. Inside the bunker will be a giant bot, so be careful. Once they are all gone, head to the left area and climb up the ladder on one of the buildings for a titanium bolt! Now head to the main path and go left to see a Teleporter.

Destroy the Bio-Bliterator!

You can either retreat or head forward. Stock up on ammo at the nearby Gadgetron Vendor. As you head forward into the long hallway, a drop ship will come down, so take it out. Jump up those stairs and meet some more troopers, take them out and head to the small opening that is forward. Beware that some troopers will be on top of the watch tower. Head forward to kill more enemies then make a left into the area with more troopers. Head up the stairs which are to the right and kill more troopers who are coming down the stairs. Go up the stairs and kill three more troopers that are standing there. You can pick up the Inferno Crate if needed and take out more enemies with your wrench. Proceed forward to what looks like a control room and defeat the monsters there, if you still have inferno on, go on a killing spree. Head right to come across a bridge into the cannon's control room. A cutscene will ensue and get ready for another mission.

Hidden Items

Titanium bolts

There are 2 titanium bolts on this planet.

  • When you are the area with the black boxes, jump up them and go jump to the building nearby. Then go past the gate which you cannot normally cross. Behind the gate is your reward.
  • Before entering the facility, go to the left area to find a building and get up using the ladder to find the bolt.

skill points

There is 1 skill point to obtain on this planet.

  • You Break it, You Win it: Destroy everything on the planet. Excludes the facility area. It will help you so much if you have the Bolt Grabber which was on Zeldrin Starport.


There is 1 trophy on this planet.

  • Courtney Gears: At the area with the black boxes, get up to the building nearby and it will be inside the building.

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