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This is the walkthrough for Korthos Beta in Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time.


After landing you will notice that the landing zone is surrounded by a force field. Pull the versa fuse out to deactivate the field.

Force fields

Head forward and you will see a launch pad. Use it to jump inside the second force barrier. There will be two Agorians inside. Defeat them and pull out the versa fuse with your wrench to deactivate the field. Then use the launch pad inside the deactivated barrier to launch into the third barrier. There will be three Agorians you need to defeat here. Once the Agorians are defeated pull out the versa fuse to lower the field. Then use the launch pad in the field to launch into the fourth force field. There will be two normal Agorians and one shielded Agorian here. Once they are defeated pull out the versa fuse and use the launch pad to launch yourself to a moving platform above you.

Grabbing the Zoni

Wait for the moving platform to move close enough to the platforms ahead of you so you can jump on them. Then equip your Hoverboots. Accelerate forward and boost off the three ramps ahead of you. The ramps will take you to a platform where the Zoni is. Grab it with your wrench and head back to your ship.

Find an Omnigasket

The Omnigasket is in a room at the other side of the planet. Use the space view (the select button) as help and head to the room. You might have to fight some Agorians along the way. There are four doors in the room but only one will open. Circle around until you find the door with a versa fuse. Defeat the Agorians near the door and pull to fuse out with your wrench and the door will open. Inside you will find two Agorians. Defeat them and grab the Omnigasket. Head to your ship and fly to Korthos Depot and give the Omnigasket to the Vullard.

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