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This is the walkthrough for Korthos Depot in Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time.


Find an Omnigasket

The Vullard on the depot requires an Omnigasket. It can be found on Korthos Beta. (Walkthrough) Once you've found it return to the Vullard and give it to him. He will give you 6000 bolts.

Hide the holo-boards

This mission can be done after doing the "Destroy the holo-boards" mission on Korthos Alpha. (Walkthrough) The Vullard wants you to hide his holo-boards inside the mine clusters surrounding Korthos Depot so his rival cannot destroy them. Head to your ship and look for two small white pulsing indicators on your mini-map. One is to the west of the sector entrance and one near Korthos Delta. Head to one of them and use your ship tether to tow them to the depot. Then do the same with the other board and the Vullard will give you 6000 bolts.

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