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This is the walkthrough for Korthos Sector in Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time.





Defeat Libra to reach Lumos

The Valkyrie ships are blocking your way to Lumos. You must defeat Libra in order to reach the planet. Use your blasters and missiles and try to avoid Libra's attacks by not shooting from directly behind her. Then her health bar goes down to 2/3 she'll activate her shields. You must destroy 10 Valkyrie ships and her shield goes off. Then keep shooting her and avoiding the cannons until her health bar goes down to 1/3 and she activates her shields. This time you must destroy 15 ships to continue. Then when her shield goes off, finish her with your weapons and fly to Lumos.


Tow the Junk Hauler home

This mission can be found between Korthos Beta and Korthos Omega. A Vullard asks you to tow his Junk Hauler to the Korthos Depot. Use your Ship Tether to grap the ship and tow it to the depot. The Vullard will give you 6000 bolts for it.

Escort Ortax the Merciless

This mission can be found between Korthos Delta and Korthos Tau. Ortax the Merciless was ambushed by his rival. He asks you to tow him to the Agorian Battleplex so that he can compete there. Use your tether to grap his ship and head to the Battleplex. Halfway to the Battleplex you will be attacked by Serus the Cheat's ships. You must destroy all 20 of them to continue. After destroying them grap Ortax's ship, fly above the Battleplex and let go. He will give you 6000 bolts for your help.

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