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The Lacerator is an easy-to-fire, durable basic blaster pistol that also packs a punch. Firing super-heated plasma slugs that strike enemies like a laser, the Lacerator is great for mowing down enemies one by one.
―In-game description  [SAC]

The Lacerator was a basic blaster manufactered by Gadgetron. Firing super-heated plasma slugs that struck enemies like a laser, the Lacerator was great for mowing down enemies one by one. It had the longest evolution/upgrade path, with the Lacerator being the default, then upgrading to Dual Lacerators in Size Matters, and with the Dual Lacerators being the default weapon and the Dual Vindicators being the upgrade in Secret Agent Clank. It quickly lost usefulness as the game progressed. The Ratchet Clones on Quadrona welded a stronger Lacerator with longer range. V1's bullet was orange, V2's blue, the V3 bullet purple and the Dual Lacerators' bullets roll over back to orange.


Blasters in the Ratchet & Clank series
Game Ratchet & Clank Going Commando
Going Mobile
Up Your Arsenal Size Matters Deadlocked Secret Agent Clank Tools of Destruction
Quest for Booty
All 4 One
Full Frontal Assault
Ratchet & Clank (PS4)
A Crack in Time Into the Nexus
Basic version Ion Blaster Lancer N60 Storm Lacerator Dual Vipers Dual Lacerators Combuster Constructo Pistol Omniblaster
Upgraded version Gold Blaster Heavy Lancer N90 Hurricane Dual Lacerators Dual Raptors Dual Vindicators Magma Combuster
Elite Combuster
Alpha Combuster
Mega Constructo Pistol Dual Omniblasters

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