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The Lava Gun was a flamethrower-like weapon manufactured by MegaCorp. It shot a continuous stream of lava. By spinning around while firing this weapon, a circle of lava would be created, making this weapon especially useful against crowds of enemies.

In Going Commando, it upgraded to the Meteor Gun. For the public demand, in Up Your Arsenal, it upgraded to the Liquid Nitrogen Gun .

Going Commando

In Going Commando, the Lava Gun was first available on the weapon line from planet Tabora for 25,000 bolts. It upgraded into the Meteor Gun which no longer fired a stream of lava, instead fired meteors in a machine gun-like fashion. Also, the Lava Gun and its upgraded form was the only weapon you could use while flying around in your Charge Boots.They also make a sound that sound like when they drop a bomb on a fighter plane.

Up Your Arsenal

In Up Your Arsenal, Ratchet could re-acquire the Lava Gun from Slim Cognito on planet Aquatos. This version had lower ammo capacity when not upgraded. It upgraded to the Liquid Nitrogen Gun, which fired a stream of Liquid Nitrogen. It froze enemies when they were at low health, instantly destroying them.

Official Descriptions

MegaCorp Vendor Description

Lava Gun: Melt your opponents with streams of molten lava!

MegaCorp Help Weapons Description

This weapon fires out a stream of molten lava which will ignite your enemies. Very useful for crowd situations, this weapon will clear a room like no other.


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