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Ratchet grabbing on a ledge

Ratchet grabbing a ledge in Stratus City

QFB Azorean Sea Ratchet grab

Ratchet grabbing a ledge on a pirate ship in the Azorean Sea

The Ledge Grab was a move performed when Ratchet reached out for a ledge and grabbed it, hanging from that ledge. The Ledge Grab was useful for navigating through difficult platforms or small places, but the move was most useful while Ledge Traversing, a move where Ratchet navigated to the left or right while hanging from a ledge. For Ratchet to perform the Ledge Grab, he had to jump onto a ledge (any kind of jump, just the right height) with the 'X' button, and he would automatically grapple onto the ledge if it was at a suitable height. Clank was also able to grapple onto a ledge like Ratchet.


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